Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bragging about Dad

So I just have to say I have such a cool husband. I couldn't ask for someone more perfect for me. He is SO.... talented too. He would never write a post like this so I'm going to.

Shawn works in a cabinet shop with his Dad. It is just the two of them, so they both work really hard. They make the most beautiful cabinets and furniture. I am so lucky, he has made so many awesome pieces of furniture for our house. When we were dating he made me this darling book case. I simply mentioned one day that I loved to read and that I had tons of books all over my room. So for Christmas he made me a book case, and it was not a simple one. I love that book case. It is now filled with all of Jacks books.

That is not all that Shawn has made for me. First he made an entertainment center for our living room. I needed a place to hang our stockings for Christmas, so he made me a fireplace. When Jack was on the way I picked out a changing table in Pottery Barn that I liked and he duplicated it exactly, actually it's even better then the Pottery Barn one. Shawn added cabinets to our laundry room, my favorite part is the cool laundry hamper. His newest project was frames for Jacks pictures. He is always painting this and that for me also. What an awesome man. I feel so lucky. Sometimes I am jealous that he has so many talents.

Not only can he make really awesome things but, Jack and I went to his softball game this past week and he hit 2 home runs. WHAT A GUY!

If you want to see more of his work check out his website

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We have had nonstop fun since we posted last. We had a great Easter celebration. Carly, JT, Boston and Josh all came to St. George to enjoy the warm weather for the holiday. Actually they weren't the only ones who came. St. George was packed. But I don't blame anyone it has been beautiful here. (I think it's suppose to be 80 degrees today!) We also got to see our friends Jessica, Andrew and Boston. It was fun to see them. Their little girl Boston is so cute she and Jack are really close in age, but they were both asleep so they didn't get to play together, maybe next time.

On Saturday we had an eventful day. We were all ready to hit the sack when it was over. We started the day by going to the park for a picnic and playing. Boston had so much fun in the sand pile and Jack didn't really know what to think about it. But he didn't put it in this mouth, which is an improvement. They both loved to swing on the swings though. Grampy and Grammy bought them cute new easter play outfits and shoes they both looked so... cute. Jacks favorite part about the park time was that Grammy bought him his own kids meal. He ate every last bite of his chicken nuggets, french fries and frosty. Jack is quite the eater. After the park the boys went home to take a nap. We then headed to Sand Hollow to swim. Even though half of St. George was there it was really fun. Jack loves to sit in the shallow end and splash. Boston had a lot of fun also. We all went down the BIG slide and played around a lot. We then head to my mom and dads for an Easter egg hunt. They had so much fun looking for eggs around the back yard. They found lots of fun thinks like, Curious George toys, a bat and ball, sand toys, and tons of eggs with candy and money!!! One thing Jack found he wasn't so fond of, was a furry ball. Every time we put it by him he would burst out in tears. He is such a funny kid. We ended the night with going out to Chili's with Shawn's friends that were in town. Jack was so tired he stayed at Grammys to sleep. It was fun to see Shawn's friends that we haven't seen for awhile.

Sunday was also great. Jack got to do an Easter egg hunt at our house too. He was so excited to find the dyed eggs around the house. He would put them in his mouth when he would find them. By the end he had egg dye all over his face. For Easter we got a new stroller that attaches to my bike. It will be fun to use. Jack got new church clothes and the Bee Movie. My family got to come to church at our ward. Jack and Boston looked darling in their new Easter Sunday clothes. It seems like all of the holidays that are about our Savior always get so blown out of proportion. It was good to go to church and remember the sacrifice that our Savior made for us. I am so grateful that my Savior gave his life for me and my family. I can't imagine a more special gift. I hope that I will always keep this gift close to my heart and realize the sacrifice that was made on my behalf.

We had 2 great Sunday dinners, first with my family then with Shawn's. Both of the mom's worked so hard to make a special Easter dinner. We had fun being with Shawn's family also. All of the Grandparents were there. We had a great time and we were sad to see the weekend come to an end. Thanks everyone for all of the fun!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommys Little Monster

Jack just inherited some pajamas from his cousin Boston that say Mommy's Little Monster on them, and the saying fits him well. Jack is a happy little guy, FULL of energy. He keeps me going all day long. When he takes his naps I want to nap myself.
Jack is 10 months today. He loves to pull himself up on everything, he has mastered crawling, he is a great little eater, he loves to play with toys (thanks to Carly, JT and Boston and Errin and Ali for letting us barrow toys), he likes to play peek-a-boo and patty cakes, he giggles a lot, he says mama and dada and most of all he loves his naps, and so does mom. He is a load of fun. He is mom's best little buddy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost No More

Last night we got back in town from visiting my sister a family in Herriman. We always leave Scout with Shawn's parents when we go for the weekend.nd her They have a dog (Ottis) also, so it is fun for Scout to stay there. The only problem is Ottis is an outside dog. So when Scout is there he too has to be an outside dog. Well I guess while we were gone Scout freed himself as well as Ottis 3 times. The first 2 times Shawn's parents found them close by. But the 3rd time just Scout got out. So when we got over there to pick up Scout, there was no Scout to be found. So out went the search party. I walked around Santa Clara Heights for hours last night, in hi heels, yelling his name. Scout has gotten away from us a few times, but we really don't let him outside without a leash on to often.
We both figures that he had to be pinned up in someones back yard or in the pound because he is too friendly to just wonder off. So Shawn and I put fliers all over Santa Clara. We were both worried sick. If you don't know Scout he is like a family member to us. Actually we were just saying on the drive home how much we love Scout and how much fun Jack and Scout have with each other (that was before we knew he was gone.) Well, we had decided that we would have to wait until the pound opened at 10:00am Monday morning, hoping he was there. We were headed home, both totally dreading it because our house is not the same without Scout. We decided to stop at Linns to post a flier there. I ran into the store and handed the lady the flier and asked her to post it on the board outside. She looked at it and said wait I think I have information on your dog. She handed me this paper that said, "I found a dog in Santa Clara at night, I think he is part pug he has a camo collar." I stared to cry and said thats him. So the Lady quickly dialed the number and a boy answered and said he had him. I was so excited. I ran to the car and told Shawn. He could hardly believe it. We raced to his house so fast. I was so excited to see his big brown eyes and his waggly tail. The boy was super nice. He said he was driving around Santa Clara late Saturday night and he almost hit him ( thank heavens he didn't. ) So he stopped on the side of the road and opened his door and of course he hopped right in. He said he spent all Sunday morning knocking on doors to see who he belonged to but no one claimed him. So he went to Linns and left the info there. What an answer to our prayers. He was such a nice responsible person. Thank you Scout finder.
We are so glad to have Scout back. We even let him sleep on our bed, which is utterly forbidden. You don't realize how much you love something until it is gone. We love you SCOUT!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Small Body, Big Head

Jack had his 9 month Dr.'s appointment yesterday. ( I know it is a little late) He weighed 18 lbs and 4 oz. which is just below the 25%. He was 26 3/4 inches long, just below the 10%. Kind of a SHRIMP. But his head was in the 75%. So he must be really smart!
He didn't have to get vaccinations, so that was good. I've been kind of freaked out with all of the vaccination/autism talk going on. But thank heavens at the 9 month appointment you don't need shots. Jack was happy too.
Jack is so funny with textures though. He hated to sit on the Dr.'s table because of the crinkly paper. He also hates grass, hates it. When we put him on it he starts to shake and cry. Crazy kid.

Monday, March 10, 2008


So... I always blog about Jack, Shawn or Scout so this time I decided to do it about ME. If you get board stop reading, I'll never know...

1. I am crazy about my three boys, read my blog you will see.
2. I love to have a clean house, I drive Shawn crazy.
3. But my car on the other hand is always a mess.
4. I love food with a lot of flavor. Shawn says I must not have taste buds. I like my food super hot and super sour.
5. I can eat a whole lemon and not even pucker
6. I can also eat tons of peppers and totally enjoy it. When I was pregnant I could have lived on peppers and black licorice.
7. I love to be on a schedule.
8. I go on a walk every morning with Jack and Scout and I go on the same trail ever day.
9. I am defiantly OCD. ( I think my whole family is)
10. My OCD is rubbing off on Jack, He loves his schedule also. He is like clock work and hates for it to change.
11. I have to vacuum my house everyday. ( not because I love to, but because I hate scouts hair on anything)
12. I take a shower everyday at 10:00 during Jacks nap.
13. I love black clothing. I could wear a black t-shirt everyday.
14. I love jeans also. I have about 20 pairs but I love this one pair and I wear them almost everyday.
15. This is going to take me for ever, because I am the worst typer ever, I am so slow.
16. Thank heavens for spell check, because I am the worlds worst speller.
17. The funny thing is English was always my best subject in school.
18. I wrote for the news paper in high school and I would love to write professionally someday.
19. I have to watch channel 5 news every morning.
20. I have a secret crush on Matt and I really still miss Katie.
21. I love the show Lost and therefor I love Thursdays.
22. I work for an orthodontist.
23. I love to do anything with teeth.
24. I also think I'm pretty smart when it comes to teeth.
25. I have also worked for 2 other dentist in town.
26. I have a double jointed thumb.
27. I have three birth marks on one leg.
28. My stomach growls a lot when I lay on my back.
29. I wakeup to anything at night. When I was younger I had to put my watch down stairs so I couldn't hear it tick.
30. My good hearing makes up for my bad vision. I could not function with out my contacts in or glasses on.
31. I am really superstitious.
32. I love Halloween, It is by far my favorite holiday.
33. I love holidays in general though. My mom always made them really special.
34. I love my Husband.
35. He always makes me laugh.
36. I am really proud of him and I always embarrass him by telling people about all of his talents. 37. I wish I could be more like my husband. He is so talented and humble. He never says anything rude about me. He is so strong. He loves Jack so... much. He is really patient with me. And he is the least pickyest ( is that a word?) eater I know. He always eats my food and complements me on my cooking.
38. I can't stand picky eaters.
39. I love to have a slim fast of instant breakfast for breakfast. They are my favorite!!!
40. I love to go out to eat.
41. My favorite places to eat are
42. Bajio's
43. Chilis
44. Olive Garden
45. And my Mom's house.
46. In the Three years we have been married I have made Sunday dinner less than 3 times. We always have an invite to my moms or Shawn's mom's. Thanks guys.
47. I have an older sister that I love a lot. We use to fight a lot growing up but now we get along really well.
48. We call each other at least once a day.
49. I always get stuck in really long conversations, not so much with my sister but with anyone.
50. Half way there....
51. I love to blog and read others blogs.
52. I love shoes, love them.
53. I love shoes for jack too.
54. I love cosmetics. Any makeup, face wash, lotions etc. I could spend a lot of money on them.
55. I am a really cheep person, I have a really hard time spending money. I worry about it a lot. I would rather have a huge savings account then lots of stuff. Thank heavens I have Shawn to even me out.
56. I hate to get the mail.
57. I hate to clean the bathrooms.
58. I love to get Jack out of bed, He always is so happy and loves to see me.
59. I love Jacks blue eyes.
60. I love to give Jack a bath.
61. I LOVE being a MOMMY.
62. I love to feed Jack, He loves food so much. He will eat anything.
63. I don't like to leave Jack, not even with Shawn. Even though Shawn does a great job, I just like to be with him.
64. I am super selfish with Jack as you can see.
65. I love to dress Jack.
66. I am anal about Jacks sleep. (thanks to my sister, she is defiantly worse though. haha)
67. I love to get dressed up.
68. I love really elaborate jewelery.
69. I love spring and fall.
70. I don't really love summer and winter.
71. But I love to lay out in the sun. I love that really warm feeling.
72. I love to decorate.
73. I also love pillow talk, but Shawn always falls asleep.
74. I hate talking on the phone.
75. And I am really bad at calling people back.
76. I love to watch the Ellen Show, I think she is hilarious.
77. I love to take picture and look at pictures.
78. I am really running out of things.
79. Oh duh.. I am sorry I have a really cute younger Brother. He is really creative and smart. If Josh wants something he figures out a way to achieve it. He is really good at the Guitar.
80. I had a guitar and took lessons but it always hurt my fingers.
81. I love to listen to Shawn or Josh play the guitar, I think it is my favorite instrument.
82. I really like the color red
83. I just cut my hair and I really like it, for once.
84. I hate to do my hair, I wish I had could go to a hair dresser every morning.
85. I really like being with my parents.
86. My dad and I are a lot alike.
87. My mom is really tough, She never complains.
88. She is a super mom to me.
89. Both of my parents are super good people, they are great role models in every aspect of there lives.
90. This has changed over the years but I always think they are right. I guess I mean I think they are really smart and I always believe what they say and they give good advice.
91. I love my big family and my little family( Shawn, Me, Jack and Scout)
92. Oh scout, he is my good buddy, I talk to him all day long, like he is a human. He probably thinks I'm crazy but he keeps me company during the day.
93. I really like to watch Basketball.
94. I love the Utah Jazz.
95. I love to read true stories. I like fiction too but I really like nonfiction.
96. I like weird stories like the Elizabeth smart story anything along those lines.
97. I also love to read about polygamists. I have always been REALLY fascinated by there lives. Shawn thinks I am crazy. But I am obsessed. I know a lot about them if you ever want to talk I have a lot of facts.
98. I am probably a really boring person to most of you.
99. I love the gospel and am really glad I was born and raised in the LDS faith.
100. I made it yeah, I am sure that was really random, My thoughts are always that way.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

#1 Fan

Lately I have been watching Jack and he is so smart. We were playing with our Ikea toy (thats what we call it) It's the toy in the picture below. Anyway, I would move one ball, he would watch me, and repeat. Then when we got them all in the middle I started to move them to the other side and Jack wouldn't let me. As quickly as I would move them he would move them back. Pretty smart Ah!
Another thing I have been watching is he loves to crawl over to Scout's food dishes (it drives me crazy.) But I can put him anywhere on the down stairs floor and instantly he will find them. So I have started to put a chair from our kitchen table over scouts food dishes. Thinking Jack wouldn't be able to get to them. Now Jack has figured out how to shimmy his way under the chair to get to them. Determined little fellow. My favorite thing is when I put him in his bath, the first thing he does is look for his little swimmer guy, it is his favorite. He will go past all of the other toys searching for the smallest one in there. He then proceeds to hold it the entire time he is in the bath.
As you can see I'm a first time mom and every little thing Jack does is SUPER cool to me. I can just see all of you experienced mothers rolling your eyes as you read this saying thats not cool every baby does all of that. But to me Jack is AMAZING and always will be. I will always be his #1 fan.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


The weather is so nice here in St. George!!! I love spring, it is my favorite time of year. It is great living in St. George because spring is so long. So Jack and I have been trying to do a lot of activities outside lately. Today we all went to the new park by our house. It was jam packed with people, but it was still a lot of fun. Jack and I love Saturdays because we get to be with Daddy. Shawn always makes a special effort to make Saturday a family day.

Last Saturday we went to Sand Hallow Pool, we had so much fun splashing in the water. Jack was really brave and went down the big slide with me. He loved walking around the the pool with Dad and getting splashed with the water. Two weeks ago Jack and I went with Errin and Ali to the pool we had so much fun we had to bring Shawn back with us this time.

A few weekends ago my sister and her family were in town and we went to the park in the middle of town. That park is so cute, Jack had fun riding in the stroller and pumping the water out. But his favorite part was being with this Grampy and Grammy. They are always so cute with him. He always gives them BIG smiles when he sees them.