Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Two Week Summer Get Away

 Riding the MS ride in Honor of our Hero and Dad! One of my favorite things we did this summer!
 Then we headed up to the wide open spaces of Wyoming, with all of Shawn's family.  We were all in Heaven, we even extended the vacation an extra day.

 We sent Dad back to St. George to work and The boys and I stayed with Aunt Carly's and Family. We had a great time relaxing and playing with cousins.

 Jack and Boston spent the mornings going to Lego camp. They had a ball learning everything they could about LEGOS!!! They even built a tower all the way to the ceiling!
This is my favorite photo of the trip. Posed and put together by none other than, Jack and Boston. They will love this photo when they get older. It's a classic!

A few Other Summer Happenings

 We got to go on a fun Date with our Maddy Girl to see Starlight Express. It was very  fun and entertaining. Now Jack and Maddy want to be professional roller skaters.  Let just say Jack has a lot of practicing ahead of him!
 We threw together a last minute 24th of July party with the Hardy's and Betts. Which involved swimming, food and fireworks.
 Shawn had a successful Aspen Mill Yard Sale, to get rid of weird odds and ends. While Jack racked in the money at his Lemonade stand. He made $35.00 dollars, which was spent before the day was over.  
 Our summer has consisted of a lot of LEGOS!!!! Organizing , building and playing!
 We hated that this cute little buddy and neighbor moved to Vegas this summer. :(
...and last, but it was really at the first of the summer, I had my 10 year class reunion. Really where has the time gone?

Taking Time To Be One With Nature

I love serving in Young Women's, but HATE girls camp. It seems like every-time I force myself to go I enjoy it far more than I expect.  These girls taught me so much. They are so strong, kind and excepting of others. I am always  hearing such negative things about the rising generation. I must say there are still a lot of great teens out there. Thanks for letting me be a part of Girls Camp!

These Buckaroos Are 2

These two little Buckaroos turned Two!!! Every time I think about these little guys they amaze me. They both talk ninety miles a minute, run around trying to keep up with Big Bro. Jack, are great friends to each other, not to say that they don't fight too. Both of them are as tough as nails, nothing stops them. They both have very determined little souls, we should have known that from the start! I can honestly say I still wake up every morning and wonder how I got TWINS! I couldn't ask for a better blessing in my life.