Saturday, February 5, 2011


I had to jot down a few of my favorite Jack stories so I wouldn't forget how precious and innocent my darling boy is.

 Jack came running into my room one morning, just as he had woke up and said, "Mom you know how I am in primary now, not nursery? Well I am suppose to bring this book with me now and if you don't have one you won't get an M&M and I don't have one of those books. Could you get one for me?"  I asked him if he meant The Book of Mormon? And he said maybe. Then I said do they call it your scriptures? "Yeah that is what it is called"

You better believe that we went to buy Jack his own scriptures, right after preschool. While we were there he saw the jewelry and wanted something of course. So we found a $.95 CTR ring. And I thought what a great thing to teach him, since he is to the age where he gets to start making a lot of decisions. So we went over what CTR stands for and the whole spill... He stopped wearing the ring after about an hour but he has brought up choosing the bad or good a few times since. Well today we were at a birthday party and Jack started to wonder away from the group and everyone was yelling his name but he didn't respond. So I ran after him and he was still acting like he can't hear anything. When I get up to him I said " you better listen or you are going home." And his classic reply was.. "I am doing what is wrong because I don't have my ring on to tell me to do what is right." WOW

The things this kid comes up with. We just can't help but love his free little spirit.