Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's a Birthday Bash

Jacks Fourth Birthday celebrations lasted for over a week. Starting with a pirate party with cousins Boston and Jocelyn and friend Sadie (who couldn't make it to the "Mario Party") Jack won a pirate cake at Lin's earlier that day so we went with the theme.
 Shawn got to pick out Jack"s birthday gift from us. It has been quite the hit. Watch out!!! The flower pot is not the only thing he has run into. I have a pretty good bruise on my leg and we have a few added dents here and there. I have to say he improves daily and has managed to only roll it once, luckily it was on the grass and there was a little girl on the back to break his fall, so no permanent harm done.

Jack still needs a nap nearly everyday, or he falls asleep during dinner. As you can see he didn't get one on his Birthday. Silly Jack.
 The Mario party was a blast. The favorite level/game was Bowser's Throw Down. Thanks to our surprise guests Mario, Luigi, Bowser1 and 2 and Princess Peach.

Thanks to the help of my creative Mother-in-Law and Mom the cake was darling and hats were classic.

Here are some of the cute little guests that came to the party!

Happy Fourth Birthday to my favorite 4 year old in the world. You make everyday an adventure. I love being your Mom and am so grateful we get to spend everyday  with each other. Thanks for being the person you are, I hope you never ever ever change. Never forget how much we love you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank Heavens for this Man

 Yesterday was just one of those days!!!! A super embarrassing/painful thing happened to me. I won't explain (because it is too embarrassing) but there is a  huge gash on my leg/knee/foot, and it kills to walk. But that is not what my post is about. What I wanted to post about was how awesome Shawn is. You know you have a good husband when he repaints your skinned up toe nail polish and buys you flowers to make you feel better. Maybe he is just making up for not answering his phone when I needed more than ever. But in our every days lives Shawn does not get the credit for all he does for Jack and me. He is an amazing husband and father who puts us first in every way, shape, and form. And even if I am a nag often, I love him and couldn't live one day without him.