Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Four Years, But Hey Who's Counting

We are slightly sick of partying but we had to end it all with a bang. Shawn and I got to spend a relaxing night in Vegas for a pre-anniversary get a way. (We always have to celebrate a few days early because the 31st is so crazy and always way more expensive.) Thanks to my parent and Shawn's parents we were Jack free. We spent the night at the Treasure Island and we went to the show MYSTERE. What an awesome show! We had so much fun and it was nice to just be with each other, ALONE. Thanks Babe for making my life so fun, easy, and adventurous.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas In a Nut Shell

Well..... where to start, hmm... Christmas has come and gone way to fast, I guess like it does every year. We had a blast spending time with our wonderful families. We were sad to see it all come to a close, but before we know it it will be back again. Shawn's sister and Brother-in-law and kids made the long trek to spend two weeks with us over the holiday break. It made it so fun and we felt complete with them here.

I love to host parties at our house so we had a fun family night on the Monday before Christmas. We all (24) including my parents, Grandpa and Grandma Munk, Grandpa Munks brother and his wife, Grandma Lambert and ALL of the rest of Shawn's family!!! Our house was packed. We had dinner and a short little program. Shawn helped the grand kids do a play about "The first Christmas" It was darling and made us all feel the true Christmas spirit. Jack had to get in on the act too... even though he didn't have a part every time it got at all quiet he had to let out a loud scream. I have a feeling we have a boy that likes the attention, watch out!

Jack had fun visiting our neighbors and delivering them there Christmas Gifts. He was so content just sitting in the wagon eating his popcorn. Luckily we have a really small neighborhood because it was cold!!!

Christmas morning was so perfect!!! Jack woke up and fully enjoyed his darling train table Santa brought him. I can't imagine a cuter conductor. Santa was very talented at our house this year! Santa didn't stop with the train table he also made me an entry table, which I can't stop looking at. I tried to match that project by making Shawn a T-shirt quilt, it turned out pretty good, but it doesn't compare! We got so many wonderful gifts.... I feel so blessed and appreciate all that was given to us.

It was our year with Shawn's family. We got to spend a fun Christmas eve with my family and a bit of Christmas morning. The rest of the day was spent with the Lamberts. We had fun just being together. The kids got a Wii for Christmas and I think that the adults had more fun with it than the kids. As a matter of fact my arms are still sore! We had fun all opening presents together and ended the night with round of games. It was a blast!

We ended our celebration with one last party. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Olsen family Christmas party. We always get together at Grandpa and Grandmas house. I love it, we have done my whole life. We always end the night with the family video that has been compiled over the years. What a cool tradition and I love that even though we all have busy lives we can still get together once a year. This year we ended the night with a bang, Aunt Juli did a hilarious lip sink to Beyonce. She is Crazy and we love it. She can always make us laugh and bring so much life to the party!!!

We got to spend a VERY short amount of time with Carly, JT, Boston and Jocelyn while we were up north. We got to take the boys on a quick sledding adventure. It was fun but really really cold. Especially for us thin blooded people from St. George. Jack liked it on the first two runs but then he took a spill head first in the snow and then he was done, done, done. Well it was fun while it lasted.

I love being with family and friends and doing all of the fun traditions....I look forward to it throughout the whole year but, I think the thing I miss the most when it is all over is the closeness I feel to Christ. No matter how hard I try it still just isn't the same as it is around Christmas. The Micheal McLean song sums it up well "I cry the day the day they take the tree down" It's kind of cheesy but I too wish this feeling could last all year long.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

There is No Day Like A Snow Day

Jack, My Mom/Grandma, Scout and I had fun playing in the snow on Thursday!!!! Jack and Scout couldn't get enough of it. What a fun thing to have snow around the Holidays, Thanks Mother Nature. Here are some great Snow Day Shots.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Celebrating the Season

You can't let Christmas come without making a Gingerbread Houses/Train!!! Steve, Kim and Kashlyn came over to make them with us. Kash even stole a kiss from Jack!!! What great little buddies they have always been.

Jack looked so Handsome in his Christmas church clothes I just had to snap a few shots! When I got the camera out he started to do some sweet poses and smiles for me. What a character.

And.... Last but not least IT IS SNOWING!!!! Jack, Scout and I kept looking out the window this morning trying to decide if we dared go out to see the snow... But since it is a rare moment for snow in St. George we bundled up and went to check it out. Jack ran around yelling "snow" and "cold". He had fun but, he was ready to head back in and warm up by the fireplace. I love snow around the holidays, it makes it more magical.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis' the Season

Well... the holidays are coming fast. I feel like my days are flying by. I love this time of the year and hate to see it come and go so fast. So does anyone know how to slow it down for me???

Jack has now decided he only needs one nap, which is good and normal for an 18 month old, but his Mom doesn't have the time she use to have so our house is a little more messy, I stay in my pajamas way to long in the morning and stuff like blogging gets put one the back burner. But we have a lot more time to play and learn. So the good out ways the bad.

I love the feeling of the house when it is decorated for the Holidays. We have the tree up and have yet to have any major tragedies, but Jack is very interested in the "balls". (He actually helped me decorate. He thought the tree would look better with "Cars" in it.) The stockings are hung by this darling coat rack that my talented husband just threw together! The lights are hung outside and there are little hints of Christmas decor everywhere.

We have been trying to teach Jack about the true meaning of Christmas, I would like to instill it in his little head before he gets bombarded with all of the " Santa stuff". He can identify Jesus, well the older Jesus, but when I try to tell him that the baby in the manger is Jesus he's slightly confused, he points to Joseph and says "Jesus". I understand the confusion there.

Jack started nursery 3 weeks ago and it has opened a whole can of worms. I remember saying not too long ago, Jack is so good at going to anyone he isn't a moma's boy at all. Well that came back to bite me. The first week I guess went okay I left him in there and they didn't come and get me so.... but the 2nd week he started screaming before we walked through the door and it went all down hill from there. So... any advice???? He now cries if he can't see me in the house! What a stinker.Jack's little buddy Abby gets to come over a few afternoons out of the week and now that Jack isn't taking an afternoon nap they get to play together. It is so funny to watch them interact. I took them out to play in the leaves in our side yard. They had a ball running around the tree playing peek-a-boo but the best was when Jack talked Abby into eating the leaves. He kept bringing them to her and finally she open her mouth so Jack shoved them right in. He looked at her like aren't they good? She continued to eat it.... but she had a funny look on her face. Jack was satisfied and continued to try and feed her again but Abby got smarted and kept her mouth shut. Wow that probably wasn't entertaining to anyone but me!

Well that's about it....