Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thumbs Up to Miss California

Who would have thought the day would come that we would be ridiculed for saying we believe that marriage should be between a man and a women! I am so proud of Miss California for standing up for marriage. It is really sad to me that there is such a controversy going on about her honest answer. GO MISS CALIFORNIA, YOU ROCK!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kites, 4-wheelers, Snow Canyon, & Mac & Cheese?

To start things off, I have a question, and I don't really care to hear your answer if you are against me, only if you're for me (that is how we all really feel when we ask for an opinion, right) :) Recently I was with the group of Young Women leaders I serve with (no offense I know you meant well, and you are all wonderful mothers, and I love being with you guys, you are some of my bestest buddies, and it didn't really offend me it just made me think) We were discussing food.... and one lady said something along the lines of I was in such a hurry to get to YW's tonight that I fed my family a frozen pizza.... so that put us on the subject of unhealthy foods! So hear is my point... I try to make well balanced meals for Jack, Shawn and Myself. But there are times that we do have roman noodles or mac and cheese for lunch, he is a kid I think it is normal, well at least I thought it was. For the next ten minutes, they were telling me how bad they are for you and so on and so on and so on.... So I guess my point is not that I didn't know that they weren't considered healthy foods, duh, but I am not going to deprive my child of being a kid, I loved mac and cheese and roman noodles when I was young and actually I still do. So, Jack and I just finished a big helping of Mac and Cheese and we loved it and we don't feel a bit guilty!

Since I started with the last subject in my title first I will stick with it and go to the next. We had such a great time with our old buddies from the past neighborhood we lived in. I am so glad that you guys still call me to hang out, it means so much to me and makes me feel loved and special! Snow Canyon was so beautiful and the perfect temperature. We enjoyed a quick picnic and chatting, then we headed to the sand dunes. Jack had fun playing with his little buddies that were just his age, too bad there are never any boys. He is always surrounded by girls, which I am sure he will not mind the older he gets. Especially if they are this cute.

Before that adventure we, meaning Shawn's siblings and spouses and parents and parents friend, got to go on a fun 4-wheeling ride for the afternoon. We hadn't done anything like this for a long time, we kept saying to each other this feels like we are dating. It was so fun other than my helmet was so tight, I thought it might leave lasting damage to my head, but the pain was worth the fun!

And last of all kite flying! This was over a week ago but I loved the pictures and the event so I had to added it. We went to the Dixie Escelantie Kite Festival, Jack loved it and so did we.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swim, Bike, Run

Shawn competed in the SHAC Triathlon this past weekend and he did, awesome! It always amazes me how much mental strength he has. He had trained, but not much, and he always does so well, amazing! So here he goes.... Starting out with SWIMMING (1/4 mile), then a bit of BIKING (10 miles), And last RUNNING (3 miles). WOW huh! He is such a stud, and don't you think he looks so HOT with his new buzzed head??? (I have some sweet picture of him getting it cut, another post). Here is what Jack and us spectators did while the tri was going on... and not only did Shawn compete so did the other 2 brothers, Chad and Lance, and nephews Graydon and Hunter, and a bunch of second cousins, that I'm not going to even try to remember there names!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run Run Run as Fast As You Can....

So to add to our busy Easter weekend Shawn talked me into running the 5k run for kids on Saturday. I use to be in shape, and a 5k seemed like nothing, but then I had Jack and the running days came to a halt. Shawn has started to pick up running again (which I am really proud of him) and so it has started to SLOWLY rub off on me. Slowly being key. So I am going to boast about myself, I ran the whole 5K along with my sister-in-law Mindy and finished 3rd in my age group! I'm leaving out the time I got because it was really slow (there must not have been too many fast 20-25 year olds in the race) But hey I have ran in quit a few races and never got a medal so, who cares what my time was, right! Shawn did a great job and killed me by 10 min I think! Shawn is also doing a triathlon this weekend so I will keep you posted on that. I wanted to do it also but it was 35.00 dollars and Shawn gave me the option of signing up or buying a new swimming suit, so like any smart girl would do, I opted for the swimming suit!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well to sum it all up it was a very busy and fun weekend. We always have everyone in town at the same time, which makes it, like I said, fun but busy. I will let the millions of pictures sum it up!Jack has the greatest expression on his face in those two photos, what a character.

Easter helps to remind me how special LIFE is! I am grateful for my Savior and the life that He lived. How lucky I am to have a beautiful family and to know that because of Christ's sacrifice we will be together forever. Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So far so good

Things are looking up, or down actually. So far so good, but we will see what happens after Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Generations of Green Thumbs

One of my favorite childhood memories with my grandparents was spending time in their gardens. I remember as a child picking peas and rhubarb from grandpa Olsen's garden, and I loved searching and eating raspberries out of Grandma Cash's garden. My mom also grew a garden when we were growing up. There is nothing like a sun warmed tomato out of the garden with a little salt and pepper. YUM! I also remember having carrots, huge sunflowers and a ton of pumpkins. So to keep up the green thumb, we decided to grow a garden this year. It won't compare to any of the ones I remember growing up with, but it is branching out for us. Shawn of course built this great planter box, darling don't you think? We will see what happens. We planted tomatoes, green bell peppers, Cerrano peppers (sp), lettuce, onions, cilantro, basil, and strawberries. Jack is very intorested in the dirt in the planter. I know I am going to turn around and he will have pulled out the plants, yikes. He is such a boy, loves to be in the dirt.
We also have planted a few flowers, I love the spring time, it is so beautiful!