Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Four Month Check Up

Luke and Sam have changed so much in the past four months, sometimes it is hard to believe. I cleared out all of the preemie clothes today and it was amazing to me that Sam was that small. It is funny to say but it made me a bit sad that he has grown out of those cute little clothes. They are both such miracles, they have put my whole life into perspective.

This morning I came into the twins room and Jack had brought in a chair to look into Luke's crib and he was just smiling the biggest smile he could at Jack. It was a great moment. Luke (12lbs. 9 oz.) loves to find me in the room, it makes my day when he cranes his head to see me. He is gaining a lot of strength in his neck. He enjoys his tummy time. And is working on sitting in this bumbo chair. He makes the most darling cooing sounds. He is a very peaceful, happy baby. He is doing great at sleeping through the night, which makes my life so... much easier. Luke you are a beautiful ray of sunshine in my life. Love ya Lukey!

Sam(8lbs. 9oz.) is a darling bundle who loves to snuggle and eat. He is gaining amazingly.
He has figured it all out now. Every time I turn my head he changes. He reminds me everyday how blessed we are to have him in our family. He has started to smile and coo which makes me very happy. Every mile stone he hits makes me excited. He is also gaining strength in his neck. He is not a big fan of tummy time, but is working hard at lifting his head and chest. He can also sit in his bumbo chair, which is so darling because he is so small. He is so darling in every way. He is also doing great at night. About every other night he wakes up for a 3 o'clock feeding. Which I am okay with. It is a lot easier to feed one in the middle of the night, than two.  Love ya Sammer!

There have been so many times in the past few weeks that I have had to look twice to see which one is which. They are close enough in size now that they can wear some of the same clothes. I love to match them! These past four months have been a ride. We are so... blessed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From the Mouth of Jack

I have got to be better at writing down all the funny things Jack says. He can get me laughing so hard! We had 2 really funny things happen this past week.

If you know Jack, you know that he has a very sensitive gag reflex and a very strong sense of smell. Jack and I went to the grocery store. While we were there he got a lunchable. He was getting into the car and opening his lunchable while I finished up loading the groceries and putting the cart away.  When I got back to the car Jack was gagging and handing me his lunchable.  He said something was stinky in it. I took it and smelled it and smelt nothing stinky. Then I asked him if it smelled like smoke? (I noticed the lady getting into her car next to us smelled strong of smoke) He said,"ya!"  Then I said oh it's not your lunchable it was the lady next to us. And he replied,"oh she must be a chimney sweep" ( he got the word from Busy Town) He didn't understand why that was so funny to me!!!! 

 Second Jack story....

We (the whole fam. 6 counting Scout, Yikes!) were on a Saturday morning walk and we passed a cactus that I was telling Shawn that I wanted to plant one like that in our yard one day Blah Blah Blah. and Jack was in on the converation too. Shawn yelled at Jack not to touch it. The neighbor, across the street thought that Shawn was telling him not to touch the tractor he had parked on the side of the street. So being nice he said, "he can sit on it if he would like to." Jack missed the whole tracker part and thought that he was saying he could sit on the cactus if he would like to. So Jack's classic reply was, "I sat on one of those when I was two and had to get stitches in my butt." ( which is totally made up in the first place) The guy didn't know what to say and Shawn and I were laughing so hard we couldn't explain what he meant. Funny little boy!

He keeps life fun, exciting, interesting, and crazy!!!

The Little Man has Arrived (this never got posted, better late than never. Sam came home on Sept 14th))

Believe it or not, Sam at a whopping 3lbs 9oz, was released from the NICU and sent home to be with the fam! It feels so great to all be under one roof again. It is funny, bringing home twins should be hard, but it it ten times easier than running back and forth for feedings and finding babysitters for Jack. So all in all it has been great having them both home. I have to admit the lack of sleep at night is getting a bit old, but that's not going to change for awhile so we might as well get use to it :)

What blessing these boys have been in our lives, I can't imagine life without them. Jack has also fallen in love with his new baby brothers and enjoys getting right in their faces and also squeezing the top of their heads! We have too keep a close eye on him, but he has been much better with them than I expected.