Thursday, April 19, 2012

Though We Aren't Much Bigger, There Are Things That Have Changed!!!!

Growing is not our area of expertise at this house but... Luke can sit up fairly well, chats up a storm all day, is up on all fours rocking back and forth, ready at any moment to start crawling. Sam is doing well on sitting also, if the boppy is around him for a small amount of support he will sit there all day but, all by himself he still has a bit of a balancing problem (possibly because he has the most tiniest butt in the whole world.) He rolls and scoots everywhere and most of all loves to jump. He is always bouncing. That too might be the reason for the lack of weight gain, he never holds still. He too attempts to get up on all fours. They are both full of smiles and fun.

Both are eating us out of house and home. They both intake 6 oz of milk 4 times a day, (I am going to toot my own horn here, it is all still breast milk. Which has been overly challenging, but completely worth it.)  and at least 3 carton's of solid food, plus prune juice and puffs throughout the day.  The are both picking up puffs and successfully getting them into their mouths. It amazes me every time, I think I am going to find them in their highchairs or on the floor but most of the time there are very few. I just started to make homemade baby food yesterday, hopefully save us some money!

For Easter Grandpa and Grandma Cash got them a ball and they enjoy sitting and rolling it back and forth. It is hard to have two but so much fun also. They interact with each other all day and also feed off of each other. If one is crying so will the other. If one is getting fed the other one expects it too, you get the point.

They are doing pretty well at night. Bed time is 8 and they sleep until 5:30ish, then eat and go back down until 7:30-8ish. No complaints. It is hard because I think they could cry it out but if I let them they wake each other up along with Jack, and everyone up at 5:30 is not cool. So if any Moms with multiples have advice, please feel free to  pass it on. Naps have been great lately too. I feel like they are finally on a good schedule. Which I love!!!!

Jack is growing up right before our eyes. He is mister independent. I still feel like I need to be by his side doing everything, but I am quickly learning that he can do most of it by himself. We went hiking with some cousins a week or so ago, at Snow Canyon. I was so amazed at this kids hiking skills. He scaled the mountain like it was nothing.

For Shawn's 30th Birthday Jack and Shawn made a quick escape to Disney Land for the day (that needs to be a post in and of it's self.) But long story short... The first ride Shawn took him on was Thunder Mountain Railroad. Scared the living day lights out of the child. Ever since then Jack has been a bit more timid. He is terrified if we drive very fast or drive down any form of a hill. He is a crack up.

 He still loves Lego Ninjago and talks about it no stop. I am hoping a new obsession is around the corner, I am not sure how much longer I can take Ninjago talk! But I do have to say he can clean his room and nearly the whole house if you promise a ninja lego, so there are some perks.

Shawn is still working on the new house. It is turning out beautiful. Our relator told us to not plan on moving in, he thinks he can sell it. So... if it sales we will start over again with a bit more money in our pockets. If it doesn't, than we have a beautiful house to move into by summer time.