Sunday, June 29, 2008

Past, Present and Future

Twenty Years ago:
Shawn: I was six, and had just moved into our red brick house in Santa Clara. Chad was almost a year old, (If anyone wondered where Jack got his blond hair and blue eyes from) I think that was the year that I would wake up and call the radio and request "We Built this City" and sit in my room and listen until it came on. Then I would call Scott Jensen, Brian Beckstrom, Tyler Wittwer, Ben Gunn or Brian Hafen, and spend the rest of the day probably inside playing nintendo or ninja turtles.
Hayley: I was Three at that point. My older sis was probably bossing me around and I probably wanted to be doing everything she was doing. I remember having this rocking horse and we would sit on it and sing "horsey horsey on our way", rocking back and forth together. I remember seeing video of me at this age being quit the jabber mouth and full of giggles. Oh the simple life!

Ten Years Ago:
Shawn: Well I just got my license, I missed the class for my birthday, so I had to wait until summer. I just got my 1972 Chevy Truck aka "RBI". My parents owned a Maaco for a couple years, so I spent most of my time there, working on my truck. We had just gotten back from our annual Lake Powell trip. Probably playing some summer baseball, and going to those sweet parties in everyones basement, where you just sat around and didn't do a whole lot, but we were sweet.
Hayley: I was thirteen. We were in the process of moving to St. George, which was huge for an eighth grader. I remember coming to St. George for the weekends, before we moved here. My Dad already worked here so we would come down to see him often. In that time we would go house hunting. It got old pretty quick, I swear we looked at every house for sale in SG. I remember My friend Johanna coming with us all the time. We would have so much fun roller blading the trail through Bloomington country club. That reminds me, back in Lehi I was really good friends with Emily "Peterson" . I remember roller blading with her. We would make "really cool" obstacle courses with side walk chalk to roller blade through.

5 Years Ago:
Shawn: I just got home from my mission three days before, and all of my friends had been back for a while, so I got thrown back into reality in a couple hours. We went to Vegas to celebrate the 4th and of course I hadn't lost a step with the ladies. Most of the girls that I was going to look up when I got home were already married and had kids by then, so I was just having fun, with no worries. I got a job selling oxygen machines for old people, that lasted about a month and then I started working with Nathan Petersen right after that. Which was much more my style, even though I got puked on just about everyday.
Hayley: I had just graduated from Snow Canyon High School. My friends and I had just got home from our senior trip to Las Vegas. I was helping teach tennis for the summer, which if I recall right I never got paid for, stupid guy! I had a boyfriend leaving on a mission, which as you can all see I didn't wait for, sorry Tyler. I spent my days laying out and hanging out with friends.

3 Years Ago:
We had been married for 6 months. We lived out in the middle of no where, at least we felt that way. I think our parents maybe came out there once in the whole year we lived out there. We met our only buddies out there, John and Molly. Shawn was commuting up to SUU , while working with his dad and Chad, in the shop. They had just taken our first "Big Job", which took them about 6 months to finish, luckily the construction on the house was really slow. Hayley was working as a receptionist for Dr. Olsen. We had just returned from an office trip to Cancun. The highlight of the trip was Hayley getting stung by the "Yellyfish." Those were the days where we would go on dates whenever we wanted to, and on Saturdays sleep in as late as we wanted to.

1 Year Ago:
Jack was a month old, we were just trying to get the hang of being a mom and dad. Getting the hang of waking up all throughout the night, well.... Hayley was anyway. We went up north for Boston's first birthday and to spend a week on the farm. It was nice to get a change of scenery, since Hayley was stuck in the house for the last month.

We woke up early, and went on a long walk, cleaned the church, and went to the farmer's market, all before 9 o' clock. In the afternoon we did a little shopping, and topped it off, of course, with an Orange Peel. We came home and hopped in the pool to cool off before dinner. Grandma and Grandpa came to swim, and of course, buy us dinner. After Jack went down we played Sequence. (Which Shawn won) No... I won. Ok, fine, we tied.


We again woke up very early, actually Jack let us sleep til seven. Thats what we call sleepin in! We did our Sunday morning "long" walk. last week it was from Tonaquint park, all the way home, this week, we went up by the airport and went up and down the steep hills. We wanted to go along the Temple Quarry trail, but the stroller wouldn't quite make it. So instead we went on an awkward walk through the neighborhoods. We came home, ate breakfast, Jack napped, got ready for Church. We made it through sacrament, it only took every toy we had, all the fish crackers we own, and a long piece of rope. Ok no rope. The best part about sacrament today, was when the congregation would sing, Jack would sing at the top of his lungs, Well I am not sure you can call it singing. But Sis. Keith does, so why can't he? Hayley substitute taught for the 5 and 6 year olds, and Shawn went home to put Jack down. We ate dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Cash. G&G Lambert were up in Logan for the weekend, so we didn't get to see them.

Back to the same routine. Work for Shawn, and Hayley and Jack will do the normal routine. Eat, walk, bath, sleep, eat, play, sleep...... Its grandpa Cash's birthday on Tuesday, but we are having lunch at his work tomorrow. Steve, Kim and Kashlynn, are coming over for dinner, and swimming. And I am sure we will all be tired at that point, so we will all go to bed early.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Giddy Up it's Cowboy Time

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Just playing Cowboys and Indians. Jack is of course the cowboy and Scout is making a good attempt at being the Indian.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lake Powell Bums

We just got back from a fun Lambert Family trip to Lake Powell. Shawn's family has been going to Lake Powell for the past 14 years. It was fun to just relax, play in the water and soak in the sun. Jack did a lot better than we expected. He was pretty entertained with just practicing his walking inside the house boat. Jack also enjoyed being on the ski boat. He liked to stand on the back seat and watch his Dad catch some sick air on the wake board. Jack had a hard time staying awake on the ski boat though, for some reason he would fall SOUND asleep, it was the weirdest thing. We would be hitting bumps and all screaming and he would not budge. As for me I enjoyed being with Shawn and Jack, but my favorite thing was playing games. That's my favorite thing about Shawn's family, is they love to play games. We would stay up late, probably too late, playing Mormon Bridge and laughing until we were sick. I also enjoyed playing in the water with the Niece and Nephews.

We had so much fun trying to stay balanced on the tube. I ended up knocking them all off most of the time, they finally said if Aunt Hayley is on the tube then we aren't getting on, Oops. Shawn said his favorite thing about Lake Powell was just relaxing and not having to even care what time it was. He liked going on early morning hikes, and just chilling with Jack. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Lambert for taking us on a fun and relaxing summer trip.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quack Quack, I'm a Duck!

To top the trip off, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Willow Park Zoo. You know how every city has something that only the people that have lived there their whole lives know about, well this is it. There are no signs, or advertising, just a little zoo, full of strange animals, for a $1. We got to see Bald Eagles, Walabees, Bobcats, Monkeys, Bobcats, Turtles, and I think every kind of bird in the Western Hemisphere. And Jack loves Ducks and birds, so he was in heaven! (despite what the pictures portray.)

Have you ever seen a blue billed duck?
There is no photoshopping done here, that is the real thing.

The Cow Goes MOO!

We just got back from a weekend on the Farm. It was a SUPER long drive to get all the way to Logan, but in the end it was worth it. Shawn's Grandpa Munk owns a farm in AMALGA, a tiny little town just north of Logan. ( I think it is north, seems north to me.) Shawn has spent some of his most memorable moments at the farm. When he was in elementary his Mom would ship him to the farm for the summer, or for at least a month or 2 of it. He loves to tell me about all of the times he and his cousin, when they were 6 or 7, would head out with there gun to shoot birds. If I have the story right Grandma would pay them 10 cents a bird. He also has great memories of helping on the farm. He loved to ride in the tractor with his Grandpa and help feed the calves. He has funny stories about playing in the cotton seed and climbing up on the hay stacks. I'm sure he was always spoiled rotten. Grandpa Munk has always been known for handing out money to the grandkids.

Grandma Munk has always been known for her great gardening skills and cooking. She makes the best sweet pickles I have ever tasted, and to tell you the truth I don't even like sweet pickles, but hers are great. Another one of Shawn's favorites is milk toast. Shawn always wants me to make milk toast just like Grandma Munk makes it. I guarantee they will never be as good.

The Munk house is always clean and perfect when we enter, when we leave it is slightly different, but she sure does know how to keep a house clean. The house in it's self is really cool. Their favorite color is brown, so nearly everything in it is brown. The basement is all wood lined, which is Shawn's favorite part about it, at least he always mentions how cool it is. I think the best part is the old vintage toys they have. Jack loved to play with them, actually all the grandkids do. Grandpa and Grandma Munk are great people and I know Shawn has and always will be very proud to be their grandson.

I can tell it is hard for Shawn and the whole family to go up there and see them getting older. We got to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with them while we were there. Grandpa and Grandma treated the whole family to a great dinner at the Copper Mill. It was fun to see all of the cousins and there babies. Jack had fun seeing Marcie, who is only one month younger than him. People always ask us where Jack gets his bright blond hair and his blue eyes, and we can now say it definitely comes from the Munk side. Other than Marci, all of them are blond hair, blue eyes, of which I am completely jealous.

At the end of the party Grandpa Munk called each one of us up and gave us an envelope of money. It meant a lot to us. They are such giving people, but they have always taught their kids/grandkids to work. I am sure that is where Shawn gets his hard working skills from. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Munk for being the kind of people you are.

While we were up north we also got to see my family and friends. Shawn made bathroom cabinets for my friend Jessica, so we got to stop by their house and see them. Boston (the girl) and Jack had fun playing around. Jess also made us really yummy Calzones. We got to spend the night at Grandpa and Grandma Olsen's house. She always makes yummy food and has the softest beds I know of. We loved visiting with them. We also got to see Aunt Sonja at work for a second and we got to stop by to see Annie, Chel, and Ali. Annie had an extra front facing car seat that she no longer wanted, so Jack got it. (Thanks so much) Jack loves facing forward, now he can see where we are headed, instead of seeing where we have been. We got to have lunch with my cousins, Danielle and Brian. We went to a German Deli. Shawn had fun picking out the different foods he remembered from his mission. Believe it or not we also stopped to see my Grandpa and Grandma Cash's new apartment in SLC. It was great to see their new place and visit with them for a second. ( really a second because we saw all of those people in one day, Oh the things Shawn does for me!) On our way home we got to stop by and see Carly, J.T. and Boston. They have such a fun house with so many toys. Jack loves to play at Boston's house. Boston slept most of the time so we didn't get to see him much. My mom, Carly and I got to go see my cousins, Brock and Kristen's new baby Drew. It was great to see them. They live in the coolest neighborhood. All the houses look old, but they are all new.

Well as you can see our life has not slowed down one bit. But at least we are busy doing fun things. That's what summer is for, RIGHT?
(I can just see Shawn saying, in this picture, "now listen son this is how you drive a tractor", Can't you?)