Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Few Updates and Changes in the Lambert Household

If you haven't heard we are adding to our family. Baby number two's due date is Oct. 2nd 2011. First appointment went fine. I asked a STUPID question to the nurse practitioner. When she was checking "everything" I simply said "Is there anyway I could be pregnant with twins. I just feel so much bigger at this point than I did with my first pregnancy." She laughed and said "No, everyone feels like that the second time around " She quickly found the heart beat and said " That's rare to find it that easy :)" And the appointment was over. As I was walking out the door she asked if I could come back on Tuesday and have a "quick ultrasound" She said she looked closer at my chart and saw that I had some growth restrictions with my first pregnancy and wanted to get some starting measurements. I said, "Sure." It was scheduled for Tuesday and that was that.

On Tuesday I had my mom grab Jack from preschool on her lunch break, because I just had a quick ultrasound and I would be done in less than an hour, or so I thought. I didn't bring Shawn because I didn't think he cared to see a silly ultrasound measuring my cervix :) Everything was great when I got in the ultrasound specialist measured what she was suppose to and all went well. At the end she said, "well lets get a peek at the baby" We (the ultrasound tech and I) could clearly see the baby and then there was something else. She said are you seeing what I am seeing?????? And as clear as day there was not one but TWO babies on the screen!!!! I said, "I new it. I told them at my last appointment that I thought I was having twins. I have even had dreams about it." We both stared at the two babies bouncing around on the screen for a second. I shed a few tears and then she said, "Can your husband leave work?" I jumped on the phone and told him to drop everything and come over to the Dr.s office now." He asked why, but I couldn't tell him. I knew he knew what it was (because I had said so many times that I swear we are having twins) but it was fun to leave him hanging for a bit. By the time Shawn got there the Dr. had made it in the room and was checking everything out. He asked if I did this all by myself and then laughed, well you and your husband ;) Because so many twins are conceived through fertility now a days. And I said, " It was all on our own" and No, Twins don't really run in our family. I have a great Grandpa that is a twin and some second cousins twice removed or something but that is all. So there you have it Lambert Baby number Two and Three are headed our way.

But it is not going to be an easy road. At that appointment they thought that both babies were in the same sack. Which is very rare and scary. But as of last Wed. we have found out that is not the case and that they each have there own sacks! Which is great news, but they do share a placenta. Which comes with it's own trials. One thing we learn from that is that they are identical twins, because only identical twins share a placenta (couldn't tell boys or girls yet). This type of twins are called MonoDi twins Mono meaning one placenta and Di meaning two sacks. Enough nutrients  for both babies is a concern and then there is a problem called TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) It is were twins share arteries and veins (which I guess is normal) as long as a vein matches up with a vein and an artery matches up with artery it will be fine but if they match up incorrectly (happening in 10% of MonoDi twins) than there can be a stronger and weaker twin. The ending can be bad :( We are hoping to not be that 10% and there is a cure for it if we are. Which really reassures my mind. But we hope we don't have to go down that road at all.  

This whole experience has made me realize how special it is to hold a new born healthy infant in your arms. I hope I get to do that with my twins. I am scared and still a bit shell shocked. But I know I have a lot of people on my side and great Dr.'s to help along the way. Shawn just beams when anyone brings the twins up and so does Big Bro. Jack. We have had some very awkward occasions where Jack has told complete strangers that his Mommy has two babies in her tummy :) I love that they are both so proud. Please keep the three of us in your Prayers. I know the Lord has a hand in it all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jack's First Try at Soccer

Let just say he wasn't the best, but not the worst either. And most important, he had fun and got a squeeze-it  and oranges at the end. Way to go Jack!