Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Jack is already One. Wow, I can't believe all that time has past. It is amazing all that can happen in one year. I think this has been the best year of my life. We had a big one year old Birthday Party. It was so fun and I think Jack enjoyed ever minute of it. We had a BBQ and played in the sprinklers. Jack got tons of cool presents. We aren't sure where they are all going to fit, but we love them all. He is spoiled rotten. We got him his own slide. He sits at the top and squeals until he gets the guts to let go and slide down. We put pillows at the bottom and he loves to take a dive in them. Jack also got a cool CAR, from his Grammy and Grampy Cash, that he practically lives in now. He thinks he is pretty cool stuff. We had a great day full of fun. We had a hard time letting it all come to an end. At the end of the party Jack got to dive into his very own cake. He had fun but he was so tired we all thought he might fall asleep in the process. I just keep saying, I can't believe my little guy is one! Shawn and I made a video of Jacks first year, to play at the party. Looking at all of the photos over the past year made me realize how much fun we have had and it makes me excited for the rest of the years to come. I love my little Jack with all of my heart, Happy Birthday little man!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jack Is ONE

Dear Jack,
Happy First Birthday. I can not believe that you are ONE. This past year has gone by so fast, maybe because I have had so much fun being your Mom. Thanks for coming to my life, it hasn't been the same since. You have taught me not to judge people and most of all to notice the simple things in life. I couldn't ask for a better job. I enjoy ever minute I get to spend with you. I am so glad that I have been able to spend so much time with you. I am very grateful that I get to be a stay at home Mom. I don't think there is any pay in the world that would keep me from spending my days with you. We have so many fun memories together and so many more to make. Please always stay sweet and lovable. Thanks for being the light of my life. I feel so lucky to have you.
Love Ya,

Monday, May 5, 2008

WOW What a Week....

So for you who don't know we moved. Not a big move just to the other side of St. George. My grandparents are leaving on a mission and asked if we could stay in there house while they were gone. So we have been planning this for a while. We would have liked to sell our town home, but as we all know the market is not so hot here in St. George, so we decided to rent instead of sell. We ended up renting in out a lot quicker than we expected (like before we put the sign up!) So we dropped everything and pack up and left our home. We have had such mixed feelings. We Love our little town home. It is so warm and cozy we hated to leave it but it is a great chance to save some moola.

So as you can imagine our lives have been turned upside down trying to be out in 3 days. I can not believe how much junk we have accumulated in the past few years, yikes! My grandparents were nice enough to move out most of there belongings but we still don't fit. We have a storage unit FULL, their Garage FULL, and Shawn's Trailer, FULL also. Needless to say we have the house FULL to the brim, and we have fully restocked the DI. Shawn and I have vowed not to go shopping for a long long long time.

Jack has finally settled in and is enjoying having a bigger room, a yard to play in, eating dinner out on the patio, playing in the pool and most of all discovering new things in every cupboard. He has been such a handful this last week. He has learned to whine and get his way, which is quickly going to come to a stop. If he can't get something open or get to what he wants he lets out this ear piercing yell. Can we say OH BOY!!!! But we still love him more and more each day. He has developed so much these past few weeks. He loves to talk and talk and talk. Most of it is just high pitched squeals, but he can say Scout and says it about 100 times a day. It is really cute. Jack can also say Momma and Dada and Jack. We hung these pictures of him on the wall and he will point to them and say Jack, well it doesn't sound perfectly like Jack but he is getting there. He still is not walking. He loves to push everything around, but the second there is not something to hold on to he drops to all fours and is completely fine with crawling. We will keep you updated on the walking... Jack had figured out how to point and wave bye bye, which we have been working on for awhile, yeah. His personality is so funny I will try and try to teach him things like waving... and he acts so uninterested, then one day out of the blue he does it like "it ain't no thing" He has also picked up on this playful shy thing. When he first sees someone new he buries his head into my shoulder, then slowly he peeks back at them. You got to love it. Here I go again jibber jabbing about Jack.

One other thing I washed my cell phone in the washer, sweet I know. That darn phone!!! So I am lost without any phone numbers :( so if you get a second will you e-mail me you cell #'s. shlambert@hotmail.com. I hate hate not having a phone, it is the worst and they are so expensive to replace.

Well this is all for now. If you are over in Green Valley area give us a call (well not me for a few days) you can come and check out our new pad....