Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This one is for YOU!!!

Jack is growing up so fast lately. It really hit me today that he isn't much of a baby anymore. He has fully developed a personality and he is quite the character. He is quickly picking up on lots of new things. He is getting really good at saying "PLEASEA" (he always has to add an A at the end of it) and signing along with it. His newest sign is wash hands and he gets so into it. He love to put his hands under the faucet and wash them, but then he always has to take it one step further and try to get a drink also. He always comes up gasping for air. Jack still loves the water and has to get right down in it ever time. I think he is the only kid at the splash park that has to lay belly down in the water at least 50% of the time we are there. He is getting very adventurous and loves to go exploring. He has amazing vision. Jack can always find the tiniest things, the only bad thing is he always has to taste them! Good thing he know what to do when something tastes gross, he instantly starts spitting and rubbing his tongue.
Jack still loves almost any kind of food. If he doesn't like it I can still, normally get him to eat it if I say umm... with a lot of expression, it tricks him every time. His vocabulary is expanding all the time. He loves to try to tell me what he wants, it has become quite the guessing game. I'm actually getting it down but for others it can be nearly impossible.
Last week we finally buckled down and found a babysitter, other than our parents. She did such a great job!!! But I love this story.... We were planning on being home at 8:00 so she wouldn't have to put him down for bed, but our dinner took longer than we had planned so I called to see if she could put him down. So I gave her the very detailed instructions of putting him down, as Shawn was rolling his eyes and laughing in the back ground. So we get home and she had done a great job Jack was asleep and everything was great. So I asked her how it all went and she said great other than when she started to read the book and Jack started screaming and wiggling around trying to get down. So she let him down and he ran to the fridge and said " dink dink" How could she have forgotten the MILK (I know I put that in the instructions at least once or twice). Jack would not let that fly, he made sure he kept her in line. She finally figured out what he needed after she opened the fridge and he pointed right to it and repeated himself once again DINK! Jack knows the routine and there is NO changing it!
I can't believe how fast time flies. He is the most darling, sweet boy, he is a great sharer and is very kind. He still loves to play with his best friend Scout. The other day I was making dinner and he was hiding behind my legs and peaking out the sides at Scout. He would giggle and giggle every time Scout would see him. He then tried to put his hat on Scout and throw this bone at him, Scout didn't think that was very funny, but Jack did.
Jack and I took Shawn to the airport a few days ago and Jack just stared out the window, completely fascinated with the "Clanes" He makes everything so exciting. Just a simple trip to the airport is a blast. Jack loves to pick out all of the trucks and cars he sees and can tell you which one is which. Everywhere we go he has to bring at least one of his cars or trucks, preferably Lightening McQueen.
He is very rapidly becoming a little boy. Shawn said a few nights ago I couldn't be any prouder of my little boy, I think that sums it up for the both of us.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Jack had his cousin Boston in town for the weekend. We did a lot of fun thing but the best part was the Lightning McQueen Party we had. Jack picked out SWEET new Cars jammies for the both of them, they snacked on popcorn and drank milk, all while they watched Lightning McQueen!!!! Jack and Boston's all time favorite movie. They were darling.... I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.
OK way to many pictures for such a small event, but hey I warned you I got a new camera. And how could a mom resist taking a million pictures when they are both so..... cute.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a GUY

I am so lucky to have Shawn. He is always thinking of me. I could not ask for a greater husband. He is always working so... hard for our family, and gives up so much for us. Thanks babe for all that you do for the two of us. Shawn has been working extra hard to get us a SWEET new camera.... I can't wait to use it, as you can see it takes beautiful pictures. I am one lucky girl!!! Thanks again, you know it will be used.... I take more pictures than anyone I know!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute Little Cowboys

I remember as a child going out to the arena sittin' on the fence watching my dad team rope. I never had much of a drive to be a cowgirl, but I loved to be with my dad. I know deep down inside my Dad wishes one of us would have followed in his foot steps and been involved with rodeo stuff. But since none of us did we thought we would try for the second generation..... Here are some pictures of Jack and Grandpa on Whitelightin'(all one word) but Jack just calls him Neigh Neigh.
This is really random but I love this Photo so I am adding it to this post. Jack has been obsessed with corn on the cob lately. He was not shy one bit he jumped right up on Josh's lap (which he hardly even knew) and begged to have a piece of corn. He ate every last bit of it then he asked for more. What a funny little kid.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A lot of Fun, Not so Much Sleep

We have been enjoying the cooler weather. Once it gets under 100 here in St. George we consider it cool :) Jack has been fighting to get some back molars so, we have been lacking on happiness and sleep, but we are hanging in there. Here are some pictures to show you all of the fun......

On Friday night we went swimming at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. Jack has been there before, but it has been awhile. He loved the frog slide and playing in the water. He was also really brave to go down the big slide. The first time he went down with Dad he shook the whole way down, but he was all smiles when he reached the the bottom and instantly he said again again... and signed more. I love doing things like this with Jack and Shawn, they make simple thing so much fun. ( I left the camera so no pictures... oops!)

On Saturday morning Grandma Cash took Jack to pick out some COWBOY BOOTS. Not only did he get a cute pair of boots he also got the hang of the COWBOY WALK. Jack thought that if he wore his boots he had to walk like a cowboy, well... it may have been that they are slightly big, but he sure looks cool. That afternoon we went to break in the boots, by going hiking. Jack is quit the hiker. He also loved the sand. As you can see we had to take a bath and bleach his shirt when we got home. But it was worth it. Shawn thought there was no way that he could make it through the narrows but with a bit of teasing from me and determinations he squished himself through there and was really proud of himself. Way to go DAD. I am way way way to claustrophobic to even consider it... so NO I didn't go through.

On Sunday night our bestest friend Becky, Payton and Cole called and said that they were in town. We were lucky that we got to get together with them this morning and had a fun time at the park and at lunch. The best part about Becky coming in town is she always gets the old clan back together. It was fun to get updated. Jack was super good and made it until 1:00 without a nap... that is for sure a record. I had to yell at him on the way to lunch so he wouldn't fall asleep in the car. He is quite the trooper. He is crashed now, hopefully he will sleep for awhile.... I hate teething it is the worse... We haven't had a good nap for the past week, ahhhhh.....

It is so fun to have awesome friends, Thanks guys!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are really behind the times but we just started to watch Heroes..... We rented the first season this past weekend and needless to say I think we have one or two more episodes to watch. We have been addicted. We have been watching it so much that now all my dreams are about being a super heroe and having Siler(sp) attack me. ( scary) But I was thinking it would be pretty sweet to have a super power..... If I got to choose my super power I think it would be... NO SLEEPY WOMEN... Ok that was way cheesy, but think if you didn't have to sleep and you always had energy. Think of all that you could get done. My house would always be squeaky clean, Everything would be organized, I would be physically fit, I would go back to college and complete my degree, without having to put Jack in daycare, I could work a night job for extra money, I would read all the books I have been wanting too, I would have time to make and do really cute crafty things, I would have three wonderful meals for my family everyday, I would play non stop with Jack, and I would still have time to care for my husband, wouldn't that be great. Well I guess my family and myself will have to be satisfied with the mom they got, but if I ever get granted one wish that's what it will be...