Monday, December 20, 2010

Well At Least Something is Done!!!

 Jack has been so excited to make our gingerbread house for the past month. I'm not sure if he had more fun making it or destroying it. Yes it is already destroyed. It never looked too cute so I wasn't devastated when I caught him sawing at it with a plastic knife. 

Man Jack has been a load of fun and trouble this Holiday Season. I have tried to help Jack understand that Christmas is not only about getting but also about giving. I'm not too sure that the concept has hit home. I have tried to bring him to the stores to have him pick out the gifts that would be given by him, but most the time he just would add to his list of things he wanted Santa to bring him. But last week Shawn had his work Christmas party. There was one other child at the party, but he was 6 plus years older than Jack. That didn't bother Jack though, he instantly made best friends with Skyler. At the end of the party Shawn handed out everyone's work bonus and a gift. Well since Jack's little friend was not an employee he didn't get a gift.  Of course the little boy understood, but Jack kept saying Skyler didn't get a present. All the sudden Jack was gone so I went looking for him. When I found him he had collected a pile of "things" and was trying to wrap them so Skyler would have a gift. After a little bit of help it was wrapped and ready to deliver. Though Skyler wasn't too exited about a night light and some weird odds and ends Jack was beaming. I then realized that Jack might have a small idea of the true meaning of Christmas.