Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jack and Boston B.

We (Jack and I) have had so much fun having our buddies Jessica and Boston in town. Jessica and I were bestest friends in high school and continue to be. They only live in Lehi but for some reason we don't get together very often. Jack and Boston are one month apart and have had fun spending time with each other. We wish you guys lived here.

DISCLAIMER Jack was rolling around in the dirt, oh and licking it!! I promise I take care of him, he is just so... boy it's hard to keep him clean, and sometimes I think it is cute to have dirt all over his face. Haha!

Man my boy is cute!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Completely worth the effort!

Grandpa and Grandma Cash grow the best pomegranates, thanks for sharing your harvest!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Really random photos for a really random week! Well... Last Wednesday Jack took a dive off of one of the chairs in the kitchen... OUCH! ( not too uncommon though, well maybe off the chair but, Jack needs to work on his balance, he falls all day long, and always has a bump on his head) So I ran to pick him up and he puked all over. First thought was thought was that he had a concussion... so I called night light pediatrics and they said if he pukes again tonight take him to the instacare or the ER!!! Well he acted fine and didn't puke again.... at least that night. This is a really long story with no conclusion... so he puked the next morning and continued to randomly puke for the next few days, I felt so bad for him, but he acted normal and fine other than while he was puking!!! In the mean time I call the Dr. with my concerns and he tells me I'm sure he is fine! I started to worry about him more and more so I took him in and he was or course normal everything was fine. WEIRD! He has kept everything down for the past 2 days, YEAH! but I can not figure out what happened. WOW, like I said long story with no conclusion.

Well then, these are some photos of the past week, playing on the slide, family night making sugar cookies, hiding in the hut, and being nothing but silly JACK!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We are In Love With the Fall

We have the best life....

Our little "Jack"-o-lantern just doing a little bit of trick-or-treating!

Mommy's and and their boys... We sure do love these two. I'm glad Jack got to go trick-or-treating with Boston.
Boston was Curios George for Halloween. He and his Mom are the best of buddies. Boston got to show us all of the things he has been learning lately. He is a smarty pants... He already knows how to identify 1-10 and repeat them. Way to go Curious George, I mean Boston!I love my little PUMPKIN!
A family of "Jack"-o-lanterns, we were the hit of the neighborhood. I think Shawn got the most comments while trick-or-treating... He is a trooper to dress up.

I love this BOY. Jack you are the COOLEST. I hope you always enjoy the simple things. These pictures make me want to be a kid again and roll around in the leafs.This Dad is so in love with his boy!
Jack, Payton, and Cole. Jack couldn't contain himself, he just had to be playing!
What cute little buddies giving each other HIGH FIVE! I am so glad that Shawn captured the moment.
We had a great time with our bestest buddies Jason, Becky, Payton and Cole. We went to Wheeler Farm. Payton and Jack are great little friends, I wish they lived closer.
Boy, I love my family.....