Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slipin' and Sliding

Pictures say more than words....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Running Partners......

Hayley is up in Bryce right now running the Half Marathon, and it brought back some good memories. So I thought I would share the story of how Hayley got to this point.

6 years ago:  Hayley and I rode home from Provo together. She had just bought a pair of running shoes, and she was telling me that she was going to get "back into shape". Me, being fresh back from Germany, where I enjoyed amazing chocolate, bakeries, and gelato pretty much every day, thought it would be a good idea to lose about 40 pounds. So I told her that I would run with her. So we started running.

That Monday I was at her house at 5am, and we ran about a mile. We were just about back to Hay's house and she puked. This happened a couple more times, so I really did believe her that she was out of shape. One of those mornings she even got dillusional and tried to introduce me to her grandparents, which turned out not to be her grandparents..... long story, but funny, ask her about it. She finally did ger up to a couple miles, and we did that for a few months.

5 years ago: Our first real run was the Bryce Canyon 5k. It was also the first time our parents met. for about a year I always refered to myself as "the running partner", of course it was all part of my plan, but I was good with that for the time being. She was still a little young and immature.
2 years ago: I could never get her to go more than 3 miles. No matter how much we ran, she just had it in her head that she could only do 3 miles. Thanks to Rakel, and Sue, she finally got over her fear, and now 3 is the easy day. They have been running faithfully for 2 years now, 3 days a week, and are gearing up for the marathon. I, on the other hand am back at square one, looking for someone to run with that I can keep up with. Steve, you in?

Good job Hay and good luck tomorrow. Jack and I are so proud.
                                                                       -Your Running Partner

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Weekend Apart

 Jack got to have such a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Cash. Shawn and I got to relax and not worry about much. Who am I kidding, we both had to work all day Friday, but we did go on a super fun date that night. Saturday we woke up at 4:30am so I could run 14 miles (I think they were straight up hill, thanks Kim for mapping out the hardest run in STG) and Shawn could go to work, then we headed straight to Vegas for a wedding. On top of that I worried about, and missed My Little Jack the whole time.  But he arrived back all in one piece and had a ball. He even called me Grandma all Sunday and told me he didn't like me any more. I will blame that on a long, busy weekend with not enough sleep, lets hope! Thanks Mom and Dad Jack can't stop talking about all the fun he had and it really was nice to have a break from chasing Jack around.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN! 
Thank you to those who fight for Our FREEDOM! May we never forget the many sacrifices that bring us safety and peace. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Throughout my life, as I am sure we all have, I have had good bosses and some, to put it nicely, not so good bosses. For the past 3+ years I have been bless with the most awesome boss. He most definitely rules the roost, makes me jump at his beckon call, and I have to admit I have been spit on, screamed at, kicked....... We can stop there, but the list could go on and on and on. The pay is pretty shabby, not anywhere around minimum wage and  I work over time every week, without a doubt. If my Boss needs something at three in the morning, guess who he calls on, ME! My Boss is very good at telling me what the "rooz" (rules) are and makes it clear that I understand them. Today in the car I got a very harsh warning if I took a bite of the fruit roll-up I was opening for him I would be in trouble, big trouble. If I forget to let him do the things he likes to do "BY HIMSELF" it is likely he will start crying and might end up on the floor kicking and screaming. I guess that's what makes a good boss a "good boss" is that he gets what he wants done, done, and done the right way. My boss has mastered this. When he says jump, I leap, when he says run, I sprint, you get the point. Normally I would be critical about a boss like this, but not this one, most the time it is just praise coming from my mouth. On the up side he gives great rewards and most the time makes you feel like the only thing important on this planet, the one thing he wants the most. So it makes it worth all of the "other stuff." I am positive this is the job I want forever. Thanks BOSS for providing me with this great job and making my life exciting.