Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Beautiful Blessing

We blessed out sweet Luke and Sam on Oct. 2nd. Ironically that was their actual due date. So we thought it would be fitting. We did it at home because of fear of them getting sick. It was a simple, sweet day. Shawn gave them both beautiful blessing. We are lucky to have the priesthood in our home. Thank you for the Family support. Oh one last thing, Shawn's Mom, aka Grandma Lambert made the twins darling blessing outfits, cute tiny linen suits with matching shoes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Not much time to write theses days but here are a few highlights in our crazy life.....

Took Luke and Sam in today for weekly weight checks. Luke came in at 9lbs15oz and Sam finally hit 5lbs to be exact 5lbs5oz. For starting out at 3lbs12oz and 1lbs14oz that is amazing to me. They are both great eaters can both breast and bottle feed. They are both very patient calm babies, most of the time. They have very sweet spirits about them. When I breast feed them they love to hold hands, which makes me smile every time. They are our little miracles that I am  more and more thankful for every day.

Jack is hanging in there. We have good and bad days. He is 100% boy through and through. He loves to play with his cute friends. He is very into potion making, which is taking over my back yard. I will go to get some kitchen gadget and end up hunting for it in the back yard. His explanation in normally, " Mom I just needed it for my potion" He is full of life and imagination. Most the time he likes us to refer to him as Clumsy Smurf! He is still in love with the Smurfs. He looks forward to per-school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Where he learns so much. He can say the pledge of allegiance, knows the days of the week, all of the months, can spell a few words, and comes home with the funniest stories. He makes my life crazy but I love him that way. Couldn't ask for a cuter 4 year old boy.

Shawn is staying busy at work, which is a blessing and also a trial. But he does a pretty good job balancing his time. He is great with the twins. People always ask, when I am out by myself, who has the twins. They are always amazed to know that Shawn can handle both of them quite well. He is a great Dad, who loves his boys.

I am surviving, some days are easier than I expected and others are harder.  I just feel so blessed to have everyone home and healthy that I have a hard time complaining much. Thank you for all of the many helping hands that I have, you are all greatly appreciated.