Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have far too much to catch up on so.... instead of doing any Holiday posts let just skip all of that and come back to it on a day that I have WAY more time. Like maybe in a few years :)

I wake up to these cute, wonderful, energetic, balls of fire every morning and I have come to wonder will I ever get use to the idea that I HAVE TWINS!!!! How did this happen???? I love it, but really it is quite an adjustment. Everyday is a day of learning.... It is a great thing that we don't remember the first few years of our lives. Hopefully by the time they start to remember life I will have a grip on this whole, mom of twins thing. But until then I will continue on my path of trying to be a decent mom. But don't ask Jack about what happens between the walls of this home or you might get a taste of all the craziness that goes on inside.