Monday, August 24, 2009

A Classic Jack Moment

My Mom and Dad brought back a little souvenir for Jack from their recent trip and I had to write down what he said. (This is my favorite thing he has said thus far.)

My Mom, aka Gonga handed Jack this little box and as he was opening it my mom nonchalantly said, " he's probably like what the heck is this" of course Jack heard her and said, " yeah Mom what the HECK is this..." He kept saying it over and over, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Oh Jack you keep life fun...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shawn Talked Me Into It!!!

Against my will, Shawn got us to go to the Washington County Fair last weekend. Luckily we had some great friends come into town that were troopers to come with us. I have to admit Jack had a ball on the rides so it made it worth it. But I still hate that kind of atmosphere, YUCK! Jack and Mason were so daring! Yikes... At the end I asked Jack "Was that scary or fun?" He said, "scary and fun!" He felt like such a big boy.

Mason and Jack flying high!Ending the night with a ride on a motorcycle, just like Uncle Chad! Jack loved it.

Okay so it was fun, I'm glad Shawn made me go!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Like it Just JACK

I know I should be getting baby hungry. Most of my friends that have children Jack's age already have a second or at least the second one is on the way. But I am so crazy in love with Jack that I feel like I couldn't love another, is that normal? I just love our time together. I even watched two babies last week and nothing. I know I want him to have siblings, but I just can't get myself to seriously consider baby number two....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reaching For the Stars!!!

Last night as we were walking back to our car Jack started to jump up with his hands out stretched saying "a catch a star" There weren't any stars out yet, and rarely has he been up past 9:00 to even see stars in the sky. What a silly little kid... I always wonder where he gets his phrases from. So the whole drive home he was reaching out the car window to catch a star, he wanted Shawn and I to do the same.

This got me thinking I hope he always reaches for the stars... He is at the age were he soaks in everything. He has such a desire to learn and know. It is amazing to watch as he tries new things. I love it lately if we don't understand what he is saying he repeats it back slowly to me until I fully understand what he is trying to tell me, it is great. It's especially great when it takes him ten tries and he and myself are frustrated, but what a relief it is when he finally gets across what is so... important.

So to you Jack REACH, actually reach and reach some more until you reached so far that there can't be any more reaching. Reach high and low and right and left. Follow your dreams and don't let anyone tell you to stop reaching, because it will be that person who didn't dare reach that will tell you to stop reaching.

I was told by some one that I love dearly to stop teaching Jack so much because he would be bored and get into trouble in school. I started to think about that and yes I can see their point but I hope I never take that advice. Jack don't stop learning! It is at that point that you and life will get dull. Everyday I learn something new from Jack and I hope he does the same with me.