Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Twins and Jack

It amazes me every day how fast time flies. I have been telling myself that I was going to sit down and update the blog about the twins first birthday. They are now 13 months today. Well.... better late than never. I still wake up every morning and am completely shocked that I have twins. I am not sure when I will get use to the idea. They are so full of fun and love lately. I can hardly stand how cute they are. They hate to hold still, always on the move. Their development has really caught up to each other. They both crawl, stand and walk around everything. They clap and try to do patty cakes. They love to wave good by. They both try to say ball and more (as well as sign it).  In the past few days they have both tried to stand on their own. I hope that walking is around the corner. Well, I kind of hope walking is around the corner. They lately have developed quite different personalities. Which is so fun to watch. Luke is loud and very energetic. Sam is reserved and thinks through everything he does. I love that they have some unique traits because the older and bigger they get the more they look alike. People mix them up all the time. Which is fun:) They both have two teeth, that were buggers coming in. All three of my kids have been horrible teethers.  They both give kisses now. Luke's kiss are more of a lick and Sam just makes the noise of a kiss. But either one melt their Moms heart!

We celebrated their first birthday monkey style. It was so fun. They loved the puppet show and eating the cake. Luke jumped right in stuffing it in his mouth, Sam was slow and a bit more neat about eating his cake but he loved it just as much. They got spoiled with fun new toys and a wagon! 

They are the sweetest little twin boys. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. On their birthday I couldn't help but think about what a rough start they had and how far they have come. I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to have them both.

Not only do we have the busy little twins but Jack is just as full of energy as ever. Jack had a great summer. We had the neighbor boys at our house everyday. Which was so fun. He has had a hard time jumping back into the whole school schedule. Now that we are on to week two it is getting better. It was the biggest shock to me when his teacher said she was worried about him because he isn't making friend and just sits in the corner. This probable sounds like a bad mom, but I told her to enjoy it because the second he feels comfortable he won't stop talking and playing, promise. He came home yesterday and told me that he has tons of friends and he love school. Phew!  He is still in karate and is getting better everyday. I love to go and watch him. He is getting too big, too fast. Jack loves his brothers and get down and plays with them all of the time. The twins think he is the coolest thing ever,which he is. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucky for me I have pictures on my phone to remind me of the things we have been doing lately. So lets back track a bit...

Jack completed preschool. It was a great year with Mrs. Dani. He was sad to see it end, I was too.  

Jacks Last day of preschool

Birthday spot light on the last day

Graduation Dinner with Grandpa and Grandma


The Graduate
5 Year old Birthday Party Ninja style!
This getup is actually not from Jacks party. He and his friend Luke had  matching Ninja parties back-to-back.

The party table

Treat bags and golden weapons

Birthday morning.

Black and white ninja instructors. They were the hit of the party.

Learning ninja moves

Best part about birthdays.... opening the card from Aunt Juli. 

There is a lot more to come....But for now, this is as far as I have made it. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Growing and Fighting

The twins had their 9 month checkup this past week and rolled in at a whopping (Luke) 17.2lbs and (Sam) 13.10lbs. More growth than I expected!!!! Both are looking great and catching up in development. Now if we could only get them to get along. They are always fighting!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Though We Aren't Much Bigger, There Are Things That Have Changed!!!!

Growing is not our area of expertise at this house but... Luke can sit up fairly well, chats up a storm all day, is up on all fours rocking back and forth, ready at any moment to start crawling. Sam is doing well on sitting also, if the boppy is around him for a small amount of support he will sit there all day but, all by himself he still has a bit of a balancing problem (possibly because he has the most tiniest butt in the whole world.) He rolls and scoots everywhere and most of all loves to jump. He is always bouncing. That too might be the reason for the lack of weight gain, he never holds still. He too attempts to get up on all fours. They are both full of smiles and fun.

Both are eating us out of house and home. They both intake 6 oz of milk 4 times a day, (I am going to toot my own horn here, it is all still breast milk. Which has been overly challenging, but completely worth it.)  and at least 3 carton's of solid food, plus prune juice and puffs throughout the day.  The are both picking up puffs and successfully getting them into their mouths. It amazes me every time, I think I am going to find them in their highchairs or on the floor but most of the time there are very few. I just started to make homemade baby food yesterday, hopefully save us some money!

For Easter Grandpa and Grandma Cash got them a ball and they enjoy sitting and rolling it back and forth. It is hard to have two but so much fun also. They interact with each other all day and also feed off of each other. If one is crying so will the other. If one is getting fed the other one expects it too, you get the point.

They are doing pretty well at night. Bed time is 8 and they sleep until 5:30ish, then eat and go back down until 7:30-8ish. No complaints. It is hard because I think they could cry it out but if I let them they wake each other up along with Jack, and everyone up at 5:30 is not cool. So if any Moms with multiples have advice, please feel free to  pass it on. Naps have been great lately too. I feel like they are finally on a good schedule. Which I love!!!!

Jack is growing up right before our eyes. He is mister independent. I still feel like I need to be by his side doing everything, but I am quickly learning that he can do most of it by himself. We went hiking with some cousins a week or so ago, at Snow Canyon. I was so amazed at this kids hiking skills. He scaled the mountain like it was nothing.

For Shawn's 30th Birthday Jack and Shawn made a quick escape to Disney Land for the day (that needs to be a post in and of it's self.) But long story short... The first ride Shawn took him on was Thunder Mountain Railroad. Scared the living day lights out of the child. Ever since then Jack has been a bit more timid. He is terrified if we drive very fast or drive down any form of a hill. He is a crack up.

 He still loves Lego Ninjago and talks about it no stop. I am hoping a new obsession is around the corner, I am not sure how much longer I can take Ninjago talk! But I do have to say he can clean his room and nearly the whole house if you promise a ninja lego, so there are some perks.

Shawn is still working on the new house. It is turning out beautiful. Our relator told us to not plan on moving in, he thinks he can sell it. So... if it sales we will start over again with a bit more money in our pockets. If it doesn't, than we have a beautiful house to move into by summer time.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Month 7

These little boys are the apple of my eye. They are beautiful, wonderful, amazing, baby boys. They must be having a growth spurt because they can't ever get full. They love their milk and are getting the hang of solids. Just this week they started to eat mum mums (rice puff stick) and love them. Video to come of them eating them, it will make you laugh.. They love to roll all over the floor. Both are still working on sitting up. I am sure there is more to add. But they are both now awake in their beds crying so.... that is all for 7 months! Love you boys.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Being A Mom

As I put Jack to bed tonight he was just about to fall asleep and I was singing I Am a Child of God to him and I started to replay the day over in my head, mostly the last few hours. I lose my temper with him so quickly, he so easily frustrates me. He breaks thing all of the time, is constantly making a mess, loves to torment the twins, and whines whines whines...... but I had this overwhelming feeling come over me of, I sure hope he knows he is loved. He has had his whole life flipped upside down in this past year. He not only became a big brother once, but twice. He is a smart, funny, kind, little ball of energy, that is one of the best parts of my life. So I hurried before he fully fell  asleep and made sure that he knew he was loved and even if I get mad often he is always loved and appreciated. New goal for tomorrow.... be a better, less frustrated MOM! I will keep you posted on that :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Six months.... and still small! But no complaints they are both doing well. Both boys have great head control. both coo and smile a lot. They can roll both front to back and back to front. They both reach for hanging toys, Luke more than Sam but Sam is improving daily. They both sleep through the night :) and also take great naps. They eat carrots, squash, and new tonight, sweet potatoes. They are developing their own personalities but are still so... much alike, expected, right. Luke has laughed a bit here and there, but this morning Jack was dancing around Sam and he busted up laughing, made us all happy! They both love to bounce in their jumpers. Neither one of them sit very well yet, but that is our next goal.

At the 6th month appt. today Luke weighed 14.6lbs, length 25in and head 43in. Making him in the 4%, on a normal growth chart. As for little Sam he weighs 11.3lbs, length 23 1/2 and head 42 1/2. Making him.... no where near any % and now he is too old to be measured on the preemie chart so.... That's okay at least he is growing consistently.

I am proud of my little twinner boys. They have come leaps and bounds in the past 6 months. They remind me everyday of how precious life is. I am lucky to be a Mom. I thank God every day for that blessing.

And how could we have a post without mentioning the star of the show JACK! he is enjoying preschool so much this year. They learned about pirates last week :)

He is a wonderful big brother. Both Luke and Sam light up when he talks to them. They are lucky to have such an awesome big brother.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have far too much to catch up on so.... instead of doing any Holiday posts let just skip all of that and come back to it on a day that I have WAY more time. Like maybe in a few years :)

I wake up to these cute, wonderful, energetic, balls of fire every morning and I have come to wonder will I ever get use to the idea that I HAVE TWINS!!!! How did this happen???? I love it, but really it is quite an adjustment. Everyday is a day of learning.... It is a great thing that we don't remember the first few years of our lives. Hopefully by the time they start to remember life I will have a grip on this whole, mom of twins thing. But until then I will continue on my path of trying to be a decent mom. But don't ask Jack about what happens between the walls of this home or you might get a taste of all the craziness that goes on inside.