Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is a classic first day of school picture. 

So there you have it Jack started preschool. I think he liked it but it was also a bit overwhelming. I have been prepping him that Mom's don't get to go to preschool, he has to do it by himself. He was really brave and hung his back pack up and headed in with no tears, yeah! 

When I showed up to pick him up he looked so cute waiting for me. He was so excited to tell me about everything and made sure I knew he missed me. The best part was when he got in the car and said, " Mom I feel like I'm going to cry." Then he just let it all out, sobbing and sobbing. Man he is too much like me! After he got all of his crying out he said, "I was so... nervous."  You got to love this kid. 

He has since told me that he had fun at recess and got to play duck, duck, goose. The real test will be if he will go back on Thursday :) Wish us luck.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adding Them to The List

I have always been a big fan of children books. It is my favorite time of the day when Jack  and I can snuggle on the reading chair and devour book after book (Shawn and I fight over who gets to read the bedtime stories.) Most the time I get more out of them than he does. I remember when he was too young to hold his head up I would still read him books before he went to bed. Just yesterday we ran across these two books and I fell in love with them. They are a must reads, especially since Jack is starting school in the next week and his character will have a chance to bloom. 

I have seen this book many times but never sat down to read it. The rainbow fish teaches sharing and the way we feel when we share with others.

Second is " It's Okay to Be Different" it nearly brought tears to my eyes. It touches on all the ways we are different and teaches that it's okay, and good to not all be the same. Jack got out of the book that when skunks are mad they spray stinky stray, go figure.