Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have never gone this long with out a post. I have even had a few complaints, yikes! I was also told I must be pregnant, that was why I wasn't blogging. Well.... that's not the truth either, sorry to let you all down. I guess it is just pure laziness. When you get this far behind it takes so much time to catch up and I guess I just haven't had it in me. So I feel less overwhelmed with catching up this might just be a whole bunch of pictures with very little text!

Jack totally had pink eye, I'm a bad Mom and still took him to the Zoo. Sorry if I infected anyone.

Classic family photo
 Cute little Jocey Bug

We went up North to spend our second annual week with the Young's. Luckily we had most of the fun stuff planned at the first of the trip because by Tues. Jack was as sick as a dog. He started out with pink eye, it turned into puking, then a fever of 103 with Tylenol in his system. He was so.... miserable. So we trapped ourselves in the house and didn't get to see any of our friends or family, so sad. We will make it back up there soon and hope for better luck next time.
Jack got spoiled and got a tramp from his Mom and Dad and Gonga and Bompa for his Birthday. He has spent most of the days since on there bouncing around. He is trying to master a flip, it's really just a no handed summer sault,  but he thinks he is hot stuff and I scream every time he does it.

Jack sure loves his Grandpa, this picture makes me smile. He thinks his grandpa is so funny!

Practicing his gymnastics

 Jocey you make me laugh

We got in our first splash at Main Street Park.  It was fun to have our "up north" fam. and friends with us. Boston and Jocey and cute friends Payton and Cole.

And Finally, 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In some ways it seems like yesterday that my little Jack entered the world, and in other ways it seems like he has been a part of our life forever. I can't imagine my life without him. I have more fun being a mom than I thought possible. He is the joy of my life, I love every second I get to spend with  my Jack. Happy 3rd Birthday Jack, We love you!