Monday, March 30, 2009

It Begins!

I am sure you figured out by the picture that this one is not Hayley. I have been trying to motivate myself to get back in shape, but I just keep putting it off and putting it off. But I woke up this morning and weighed myself and decided it was definitely time. The reason why I am telling you this, is cause I figured if I told everyone about it, it would give me one more reason to stick with it. So here you go, I will update every 5 days or so, and let you know how things are going. Anyone that wants to join in, I am willing to put some money on it.

*Disclaimer* This is Hayley, Shawn actually does own clean shoes, those are what we call work shoes. They normally don't come in the house.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well this wasn't really camping but it's my form of camping! We had the best parts of camping though, a camp fire, tinfoil dinners and smores! We ended it all with playing in the red sand, messy but fun.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All SIX Little Buddies

Wow how time does fly!

Sam, Landon, Steve, Kashlynn, Shawn, Jack! Who would have thought 10 years ago these 3 would have 3 darling kid all the same age. What a fun group!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Our friends John, Molly and Alice talked us into making our first "family trip to Disney Land." It was so fun. They about backed out the morning of, because John woke up really really really sick but he went to the emergency room and found out that he had kidney stones! All was better by 9:00 or so, and amazingly enough they packed up and still came! Which we were so glad because it wouldn't have been nearly as fun with out them! I love Disney Land but seeing it through a child's eye makes it that much better. Jack had a blast, every time I ask him what his favorite ride was he says " neigh, neigh" (the carousel) go figure the most simple ride was his favorite! But he also loved the Nemo ride, driving the cars, and running around toon town, dumbo and the jungle cruise! Shawn and I got to go on one adult ride, we figured you can't go to Disney land with out going on SPLASH MOUNTAIN! We got totally drenched but it was fun! By 8:00 Jack was beyond exhausted, which resulted in crazy dancing! There was a band playing and instantly he wanted down, he must of got his moves from his Dad, they were crazy! He had a crowd gathered in seconds. We ended the day with fireworks, which Jack was enthralled with.

The next day we headed over to California Adventure. I had a few people tell me not to waste our time there because there would be nothing for Jack, but I am glad I put there opinion aside because we all agreed that we love Disney Land because, I guess there's not a better way to put it , it's Disney Land. But California Adventure was way more up Jack's Ally. I wish I could have captured the moment in a bottle when he saw McQueen and Mater. He would have been satisfied to sit there all day with the two of them! The bugs life area was a blast, maybe because we didn't have to wait in any lines, that was nice. Jack enjoyed the play house Disney show! And had Jack taken a better nap the Pixar parade would have been a blast but he was slightly sleepy but still very entertained. The last ride of the day was the Woody ride, it was a super long long long line but such a great ride I am glad that we waited!

The last day we spent an hour or so at the beach! Jack and Alice loved the sand, but weren't big fans of the super cold water. They both loved to be free and run and play.
By the end we were very very very sick of the car but, I wish that it wasn't over, I guess we will just have to start planning the next trip!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gonga & Bompa

Gonga and Bompa are the new favorite words/people at our house these days. Jack has found his new loves in life, his Grandpa and Grandma's. He get so excited to see them! Last night Jack was in the bath and my Mom and Dad dropped by. The second he saw them he started going crazy in the tub, kicking and splashing, he was quit a hoot.

Anytime we go for a walk Jack starts insisting we go see Gonga, Gonga, Gonga!!!

I hope Jack's Gonga's and Bompa's know that he loves you guys! Thanks for all of the times you have babysat for us, it means the world to us knowing Jack is safe and having fun! I think the names might stick too, Gonga and Bompa are much more exciting anyway, right?

(for some reason I am lacking in pictures with any of them, I will take so and add later)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun But Messy

I found this idea on another blog and so we tried it out! It is pudding finger paint. Like I said it was messy but fun. The best part is we tossed him in the bath after and quickly wiped up the table and it was done! You should try it, it's fun!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Highlighting the Week

I'm not sure if you guys are this way, but sometimes, ok well most of the time, I look back on my weeks and wonder what I did! They fly by so fast. I put in my camera card just barely and though oh ya that's what we did, thank heaven for cameras!

A few nights ago Shawn said he would do bath time with Jack, it was nice because the kitchen was a mess. So just as I got started on the dishes Shawn yells can you watch Jack for a second I need to do something, Of course!!! So before I even get in there Shawn comes running back in with his swimming suit on. What a silly dad. So there you have it MY BOYS taking a bath!

And I finally got my hair done, thanks for the referral Errin, She did a great job. Sammi you now don't have to ask me "when are you going to make your hair blond again?"

Oreo Cookies are not the cleanest treat but hey sure are good!

And for the most exciting thing we did this week......

Shawn cashed in his Birthday gift and we went to Rascal Flatt's!!! It was in Salt Lake so we left Jack with Shawn's Parents/my parents. It was a REALLY fast trip. We had fun going to dinner at the Blue Iguana with Carly!!! Then we headed to the concert. Jessica Simpson opened for them. She was really good, slightly ditzy, but very talented. She even forgot the lines in one song, but she really was entertaining. The rest of the show was so great... They know how to put on a show. We both decided we need to go to more concerts, they are so fun!

After the Show we decided, because we weren't tired we would drive part of the way home, knowing we had to be home around 10:00am for work and Jack! So lets just say it was a long night of NO cheep hotels, sleeping in a car with rolled up t-shirts, freezing, listening to lots of songs really loud, funny conversations, and laughing until we were sick. We made it home by 5:13 the next morning. We got a few hours of sleep before we went to grab Jack. It was a night to remember. What a ball!