Sunday, June 28, 2009


After a 3+ hour nap I can now say I/we had a great time camping for the last 4 days! I have been privileged to have been called to be in Young Womens for the past 5 years that I have been out of Young Womens. ( did that all make sense?) I love being in with the girls, but each year when Girls Camp rolls around I try to think up some excuse to get out of it! This year I failed! I will admit that I am not a big fan of full out camping. But I put on my happy face and it wasn't too bad. Luckily we have a great group of girls and the fun leaders too! ( there weren't any pictures of girls camp worth posting)

The camping didn't end there! Luckily I got a shower in between but that was about all! I was not raised camping at all!!! I do remember camping one time as a family and leaving at about 11:00 pm heading home, we just weren't meant to camp! So I am not too sure why all the sudden My Parents have had this itch to camp lately. We had my Dads older Brother John, his wife Debbie and my cousins Angiee and Chelsea and my Bro. Josh meet us up at Pine Valley. And again I have to admit it was more fun than I planned on having! Jack loved being out in the open and just being dirty! I feel bad that we live this close to Pine Valley and don't go up there often, it is so beautiful. Everything went great until night came! Lets just say that we need to practice sleeping in the tent with Jack a bit more before we attempt the next camping trip! I dare say all three of us had the worst night of sleep we have EVER had! At 5:30am we packed up and headed home!!!! So back to the 3 hour nap, it was greatly needed by all of us!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Favorite Lambert Family Tradition

We are sad to see the Lake Powell Tradition come to an end! Shawn's Family has been going to Lake Powell, the second week in June for the last 14 years (I might be off it could be longer.) It has always been a highlight of the summer! They have now decided to still get together that same week in June but do something else! We will see what the next year brings!

So without further ado here are some highlights of the LAST year at Lake
Powell!Always Beautiful Scenery!!! (which Shawn and his Dad have been known to always capture)

Playing in the cold yucky lake. I love and hate that part!

Shawn entertaining everyone with his amazing talent of landing on the walrus from the slide!

The couples hike!

Camp fires and smores!

And my favorite part is playing games. We had a very heated game of Mafia, so fun! Check out Mindy's face, she is such a liar good thing we teamed up on her and put her in her place :)

It was a hard decision not to bring Jack, but it was nice not to have to worry about him constantly, and every mom and Dad needs a break every once in a while. Thanks Mom and Dad for watch my little munchkin, and thanks Carly for letting them come and visit.

We were sad to say goodbye to Lake Powell. It will be some of our fondest summer memories. Thanks Mom and Dad for the good times.
We hope to have traditions that last that long with our kids.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Bedtime Routine

Jack is quite fond of his new Lego Car figures, along with Woody and Buzz still! He started to love them so much he couldn't stand to not go to bed without them. I hated that idea, so we had to find a solution! Now every night, and sometimes nap time, Jack lines up all the Cars, along with Woody and Buzz and tucks them in for the night. My favorite part is when he kisses them and then say "night night" And to add to his cuteness last night when I laid him down in bed he said, "night, night mom, lubya" Totally melted my heart!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Started Thinking

I have been preparing my lesson for Sunday, it's about journal writing! Which could be a very boring subject for teenage girls... But it's made me reflect on all the things that I miss writing down, and it made me sad that I might forget how wonderful my life is right at this moment. I wish I could hire someone to follow me and Jack around to photograph and write down our days, not that it would be of any interest to anyone but me and maybe Jack, but I can see us getting together twenty years from now on the couch and reminiscing about all of the crazy thing we use to do and and what a funny kid he was.
Jack is such a little character, he makes me laugh all day long. I love to watch his mind think and grow. I have said this time and time again, but I wish I could capture time in a bottle, and relive it when I chose too.
Jack and I went out to lunch with my Mom yesterday, as I was taking Jack out of his car seat I had this overwhelming feeling of love for him. I love that he is mine and that We created him, and the best part is he looks up to me for so much, and at least for now he thinks I'm cool and that I can solve nearly any problem, Man that feels good.
I love when he hasn't seen me for a few minutes and he comes searching for me, he get so excited even if it has only been a second! One of my favorite thing that he does right now is ask me "Mom What Doing" with real intent of find out what I am doing. When I tell him he is always so interested!
I love his excitement/fear when he finds a bug, and now he tells me, "Mom stomp it" as he squirms and watches from behind my leg. Last night as I was putting him in the tub he started to scream "A BUG!!!" I looked down and sure enough there was a bug in the tub, and it was alive, which scared me more. So I screamed, which in return scared him to death... Then he burst out into tears as he held onto my leg for dear life shaking and screaming "MOM STOMP IT", Oops...

One last Jack favorite, he love to tell me what people say, let me explain... His Ganga says "S-T-R-E-T-C-H" eveytime she puts lotion on him, so he says "Gangs say S-T-R-E-T-C-H-" or "Kash says, A tire A tire" (there is a story behind why but it's too long), or "Buzz say toinfinityandbyon" ( to infinity and beyond) or "Woody says Yeehaa" Simple, Yes but darling... LIFE is GREAT and I am glad I took a moment to right these things down, now back to the lesson, yeah...