Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jack an Olympian?

We are so sad that the 2008 Beijing Olympics are over. Our nights have seemed slightly dull since they ended, but the good thing is we aren't falling asleep on the couch and dragging ourselves to bed at 1:00. I was so impressed with our USA athletes. They all seem like great people, who have worked so hard to fulfill their dreams. It made me really proud to be an American. More than once, well eight times to be exact, Shawn and I were sitting at the edge of the couch scream our guts out for Micheal Phelps. Wasn't he amazing. I also loved to watch Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson in the gymnastics. I still think the Chines payed off the judges. I think Nastia deserved way more than she got. I enjoyed watching the track and field events also. We had some great runners this year. I loved the race where we took all three medals, and the bronze medalist dove over the line. You could tell he really wanted it. We also really got into the girls sand volleyball. Walsh and May were great athletes with a lot of determination.

I love the Olympics, it is such a cool way to unite the World, even if it is through blood and sweat.

So we decided we wanted to start training Jack for the 2024 Olympic games, sounds good, right. So here are some of the things we have been practicing.....
Pole Vault

Palmal Horse
Biking (Grandpa Corey would be proud)


BMX Racing

Well it is up to you, which one do you think Jack should pursue?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Trip To Oregon

We made a spur of the moment trip to Oregon this past weekend. To visit Shawn's sister Krista, Beau, Sammi and Kyle. Grandpa Corey and cousin Graydon came along too. Here are some of the highlights:

Jack had a blast playing with the cousins.... We went on a long walk up to Kyle and Sammi's School and played on the play ground, we jumped on the tramp a lot and had fun just being goofy.

Bend Oregon is such a beautiful place. We spent most of our time outside and in the water. We went up the canyon one day and spent some time at the lake. Jack had a ball getting really messy, as you can see. He loved the water too. It was cold but it didn't seem to stop him. The weather in Bend is normally high 80's Low 90's this time of the year, but not this week it was right around 100 the whole time we were there. I guess we brought the St. George weather with us.

We also went on some fun walks around the town. There is a beautiful river that runs through the middle of town. Along the shore line are the cutest little houses. We walked along there dreaming of what it would be like to live in the houses and be able to walk out your back door and hop in your canoe and float down the river.... maybe someday...

The best part was the trip home. Even though it was super long Jack was the best kid. He got to sit on Shawn's lap and look out the window of the plane. We were stuck waiting to take off for more than 45 min. But he loved to look out window at all of the "clanes" he thought it was great. He smashed his nose against the window and soaked it all in. I wish I could have captured the moment in a bottle. I don't think the pictures or video do justice. Back to the reason we were 45 minutes waiting to take off... after about 30 minutes the pilot got on the intercom and said "umm... we are doing some calculations to see if we will make it to Las Vegas with the gas we have, sorry for the wait. We will try not to have to stop somewhere between to fill up." What in the heck!!!! What kind of pilot tells his passengers that we MIGHT have enough gas to get were we are going. It was crazy. Then he got back on there and said that this "DUDE" is about done filling up the tank then we will be able to take of. Oh boy I guess that is what you get when you buy a cheep flight. But don't worry we didn't have to stop in the middle to get gas and finally the dude got done filling up the gas and we were on our way.

We had so much fun hanging out with the Eastes Family. Thanks for letting us come and demolish your house. We had a blast!!!
Oh and how could I forget.. Krista has a scooter that Shawn just couldn't get enough of. He loved going on quick little rides and exploring the town of Bend. He actually loved it so much he has been begging to get one for himself!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Fair, A Birthday Party, and Family Time

Grandpa and Grandma Cash took Boston and Jack to the Fair.... They had so much fun riding the Horsy's and the merry-go-round, but their favorite part was the petting zoo. These boys had no fear. They loved to pet all of the goats, lambs, horses and even a kangaroo. We had a hard time getting them out of there. Thanks for the fun trip to the fair guys!!!

While we were up north we got to celebrate My Grandma Cash's Birthday. It was also my Great Grandma Cash's 100 birthday had she been still living. So we had a fun family get together at a park. When the Cash family gets together we either have to rent out a church or a park, because we are such a big family. It was fun to get together since we didn't get to have a family reunion this year.

The last few pictures and video are of just the three of us hanging out. I love my little family, we always have a blast when it is just the three of us. We had to hit up the SLC parade of homes, Shawn's all time favorite past time. I have to admit it was fun to see all of the cool houses. Then we also had a fun time at a few different parks. Check out this slide, it was so steep. Jack went down it though, but he was super scared at the bottom, I don't blame him. The best part was when Shawn rolled down this huge hill, I was laughing so hard.

The Cutest New Arrival

My sister Carly had her beautiful baby GIRL, Jocelyn Paige Young, last Thursday. I had planned on going up this coming weekend but I couldn't wait, so we made an emergency trip up to see her on Friday. As you can see in the pictures she is perfect. Carly had her dressed to a T the second she was born. She weighed 6Lbs. 11Oz. and was 17 inches long. I guess the short gene runs thick in this family!!! I had a hard time going home yesterday, I had so much fun holding her. I have to admit it made me a little baby hungry, but don't worry no babies this way. On Saturday night Jocelyn was asleep in here bouncer and I wanted to hold her so bad but mean mommy said she was sleeping and not to bug her. So when I thought Carly was down stairs I tippy toed over to pick her up and just as I was about to grab her I looked over and Carly was starring right at me... Oops. I just couldn't get enough of her. I am glad that it all went so perfect. I was also glad to see that BIG brother Boston was doing pretty well with having a new baby sister around. It was fun to have a little bit of one-on-one time with Boston too. He even let me tease him a bit. I am so grateful that I get to have such a cute niece and nephew. I only wish we lived closer, maybe someday!!!

Favorite Things

First things first, like a week ago I got my cute " Favorite Things"(One of my friends put together this little thing where we all swapped " favorite things" with each other, great idea Kate.) packet, from Jenna Corry. She went way over board. She is super creative and craft. My favorite thing about her package she sent is she did stuff for Jack also. So here are the picture and the things she sent.....

For me
1. Burt's Beeswax chap stick, which I have loved.
2. The Writing on the Walls book, I can't wait to read it, I just have to finish Breaking Dawn first!!!
3. Carmel rice cake snacks, they were gone the first day we all liked them including Jack.
4. 100 Grand candy bar!
5. Crafty, homemade, cards, she is so... creative.

For Jack
1. A " Nigh-ning Matween" car... Jack has not put it down since he got it.
2. Animal crackers
3. A CD made just for Jack of all of Dallin's favorite songs.

Not to mention it was all labeled super cute with ribbons around everything... Jenna you way out did me. THANKS A TON and Jack says thanks to Dallin too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

DOG For Sale

I read this really great e-mail from a friend last night and it inspired me to write a cute post about changing the world and being a better person but..... by the time I got around to it this morning I had something else on my mind.

I have one word for you "SCOUT" I have had it with him. We decided last night that we were going to put him in the laundry room for the night. Because throughout the night he continues to jump up onto our bed, then jump down, then shake and then make this weird licking noise.

Shawn of course doesn't hear a bit of it, but it has got to the point that I can't sleep!!!! The dumb thing is I am so strict with Jack about sleeping, but I let my dumb dog do whatever he pleases at night.

SO.... back to last night, we put Scout to bed in the laundry room, baby gate blocking the door so he can't get out. For the next three hours I hear him scratching on the gate and then he whines, then he proceeds to scratch on the gate. So now I'm really not getting any sleep. I then decide to get him out, I figures it was better to get him out before he wakes Jack up. Throughout the night Scout continued to do his nightly ritual of jumping up and down off of the bed.
The morning finally comes along and Shawn and Jack wakeup, fully rested and wonder why I am such a crab.
That's not all, Scout follows me around, right next to me, all morning begging to go out for a walk. At 8:00 I finally give in and we go for a walk.
Jack, check
Stroller, check
Cereal in stroller, check
Hotdog bun, check (to feed the duck at the pond)
Shoes, check
Leash, check
Scout, check and off we go.

We don't even make it out of the neighborhood when I see our friend Tubby (a big old golden retriever that hates scout and scout loves him.) Lucky me, Scout doesn't see him, I wave to the nice man that is his owner and we try to speed walk to pass him before Scout sees him. Just when I thought we were good my Dad drives by and sees us and pulls over to the side of the street to say hi. Scout starts to howl at the top of his lungs at him, in the mean time he sees Tubby and then he really starts to howl and bark and pull me and go crazy. So then the really mean Hayley voice has to come out and I start yelling at Scout, all while cars proceed to pass us and I look stupid trying to keep hold of scout, while trying to talk to my Dad and hold on to Jack in the stroller. Jack at this point wants to get out to see my Dad so he is crying and I'm about to cry. Anyway I tell Tubby's owner to please pass us and tell my Dad to continue on his way so that I can control my two boys.

It takes a few really hard yanks on Scouts leash but he finally stops and we head off on our walk. But little did I know that we would pass 8 other dogs along the way. (Side note: I always go on the same path for my walk so this kind of thing won't happen. I rarely have to pass a dog or a person on our walk.) I guess I missed the flier but it was apparently "walk your dog day." We ended up making to the pond where we feed the Duck, which was the fun part of the walk. I love when we come around the corner and Jack starts to say "DUCK" and the duck swims as fast as he can to us.

Well just as we are leaving the park I see two HUGE dogs come running around the bend without leashes on. We then repeat what happened at the first part of the walk times 10!!! The owner comes, finally, and calmly says come on dogs. Like he can't see that I am in major stress. I hate people that bring their dogs to parks without a leash. If you are one of them, I dare say I hate you. Now I have tears rolling down my eyes as I am yanking and yanking and yanking Scout, all while trying to push the stroller too, might I add. Well we made it home all in one piece, but like I said, I HAVE A REALLY ADORABLE PUGGLE FOR SALE, THE BEST PART ABOUT IT IS HE IS FREE AND HE COMES WITH A LEASH!