Monday, July 28, 2008

The 24th of JULY

We had such a great 24th of July. Shawn took the whole day off!!! We started by going to the parade in Ivins, Jack loved it. His favorite part was when the people would throw candy to him. He was such a big kid he would walk right out there and pick it up. ( First time mom thing, huh.) He got hold of a sucker and he would not let it go for the rest of the time. He was a sticky mess, but it was worth it to see how much he enjoyed it. Then I got to go and get my hair cut and colored, which was way over due. We then went and had lunch at the park in Washington. There was a fun little 24th of July carnival. We had a gross hot dog, good watermelon, and toped it off with a cupcake. It was really hot and Jack was sick of being in his stroller. So we bought some balloons and headed home for a nap. We all got a really good, much needed, nap. That evening we had some of our friends over for dinner. After we ate we went swimming. We ended the night with an AMAZING firework show put on by Shawn. Jack stayed up way past his bedtime, but was quit the trooper.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

POST # 3 in 3 Day's

So Shawn and I were chatting and we want to go on a little VACATION. We don't want to fly anywhere and gas is high priced so it can't be too far. We just need a small get away. Any ideas??? Just thought we would see if you guys out there had any hidden adventures for us. Remember we have little Jack and I still don't go anywhere with out him, Of course :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Review

Shawn and I went on a much needed date on Friday night. We went to see Batman "The Dark Night" It was so creepy, but I thought that Heath Ledger did a great job as the Joker. He was such a great actor I feel so bad that his life had to end so soon. He played the scariest villain I have ever seen. I thought it was so gross when he would explain how he got the scars on his face, Freaky.

I thought that the story line was amazing too. It kept me on my toes the whole time. 9 times out of 10 I fall asleep in movies, ( I know people hate to watch movies with me especially Josh, my little Bro. It makes him so mad.) but there was no falling asleep in this movie. And of course Batman was hot which is always a plus. And I loved the part when the Batmobile wrecked and then it turned into a sweet motorcycle. Anyway, It was a great show, but like I said it was creepy, NOT A SHOW FOR KIDS!!! I give it 2 thumbs up.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Remember This.....

So here is how it goes....

1. Add a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. I can't wait to see what people remember.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Fun Has Yet to Stop

Check out that scared little face!

We went on a little family outing last Friday to Jumpin' Jacks. We wondered if Jack was to young to go but we decided to try it out. When we walk in the first thing he saw was a huge blown up dinosaur. I don't thing Jack has ever been that scared in his whole life. He clung to us for dear life. But when he realized that it was a nice dinosaur he couldn't get enough. He loved to walk all over the place and he even enjoyed going down the big slides. By the end when we would get to the top of the slide he would push away from us so he could go down all by himself. What a BRAVE little guy. He did not inherit that trait from me!

We also had a fun BBQ with our friends on Saturday night. Jack loved playing with Ailee, Maya and Kashlyn. All of the Dads and kids got in the pool (before it rained and the thunder and lightning started) and the moms got to relax and talk. It was a great night with our friends.

On Monday Shawn's Mom turned 53! Earlier in the day Shawn won a $25.00 gift certificate to Slice of Tuscany on the radio. He is so smart he always win stuff on there. So we took His parent and Grandma out to dinner. We had fun visiting with them. Then we went back to our house and had cupcakes and ice cream with the rest of the family. I made really yummy coconut cup cakes, if I don't say so my self :) I have been trying to match the 25 Main coconut cupcakes (if you haven't tried one you should, they are to die for. The best $1.75 treat in St. George) They weren't as good but definitely a close match.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hayley has been telling me to write on this for a long time, but after she writes I don't know that there is much left for me to say about the everyday joys in life. The only things she doesn't say much about is herself, and being that that is what I spend most of my day thinking about, that is what I figured I should write about.

I spend most of my time during the day listening to music. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but about 98% of songs are written about Love, whether it be good or bad. I like that though, because it makes me realize how lucky I am, because I have someone I can think about when I am listening, that I swear fits every discription of every love song ever written. The good songs make me appreciate how blessed I am to have Hayley, and the sad songs too make me realize how blessed I am to have Hayley. Sounds really cheesy, but its a great feeling to love someone that much.

She called me yesterday in a panic, becausee her and Jack faithfully visit these two ducks, and when she got there yesterday, one of the Ducks wasn't looking so hot, she called me so worried about this duck. So when I got home we went back up there to check on them, and there was only one that came to see us. The other didn't make it. Hayley was devastated. I don't think she slept much last night, just worrying about that poor duck, and worrying about its partner that never left its side. She is that way with everything and everyone. Always worrying about how everyone feels, and what she can do to make their life better. Jack and I benefit more than anyone from this. We are so lucky to have a wife and mom that cares so much about us.

This last thing I write on behalf of Jack. I always tell people that we have been blessed with such a great little kid. He is always happy and always smiling. I think if anyone was depressed they would just need to spend a day with him and they would see how wonderful life really is. But I think I would be that happy too if I got to spend all day with Hayley. He loves his mom so much and lights up every time he sees her, even if shes only been gone for ten minutes.

Hayley I love you and Thank you for........being you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is Jack Up To?

We have been running here and there and have had so much going on I haven't had time to write down what is new in Jack's life....

One big big big thing is he can walk. He is still slightly wobbly but he is improving everyday. He is so determined. About a week ago I was watching him from a distance and he was trying to stand up without support. He fell like 10 times. He would not give up though, he tried until he did it. I love that about Jack.

This will probably be gross or weird to most but I am finally done nursing him. I have been trying to stop for like 2 months. It wasn't Jack, he was just fine with his sippy cup of milk. It was me, I swear I am like a cow, I don't think I will ever stop producing milk. We should start a Lambert dairy around here. Gross I know.

Okay, Back to Jack. He love animals too. His very favorite animal is a Duck. He loves to say " DUCK" all of the time. He can spot a duck anywhere. My mom has a small winnie the poo bath toy and he kept picking it up and saying "DUCK" and I kept saying no that's not a duck. So I looked a little closer and sure enough there was a "DUCK" sitting on winnie the poo's lap. I guess he is smarter than me!

He also loves his dog Scout. A few months ago he would call him Scout but now he just calls him BOP. We're not to sure where it came from? Actually he calls all dogs BOP, so maybe that's Dog. He loves my parents cat too. He can also say CAT.

He loves to read books and pick out the animals. He is really snuggly lately too, which I love. At nap time he just lays his head on my chest while I read him a story and he drinks his milk, he acts like it is the best thing in the world, which I have to agree, is. He has started to give kiss. But he only gives them to himself (through the mirror) or his Mom, I've taught him well :)

Jack's other fav is cars. He loves to drive them on the floor saying vroom vroom. He got a big car for his B-day from my parents and he loves to sit or stand in it and yell VROOM VROOM. I guess we can say he is boy through and through.

Jack loves the water. His favorite thing is to go the splash park in the middle of town. He loves the shallow water. He will lay flat on his belly in the water. Jack likes the sprinklers too, he will go right up to the sprinklers and let them spray him in his face. He is the bravest one year old I know! When he is in the pool he loves to blow bubbles. It kind of scares me because he loves to dunk his head.

He says DAD every time he wakes up. Which is nice in the morning, because I always tell Shawn well it sounds like he is calling for you. He says MOM too, but not as often as DAD. When he sees my Mom or Food he say Mmmmmm.... My Mom always gives him food that's probably why those two are connected.

Jack pulls the funniest faces. He likes to push his lower jaw forward, we call it his Scout impersonation. (Scout has a big under bite) He normally does it when he is concentrating. Jack loves to pull a fish face also. Funny kid!

Just today Jack has started to stand in front of his high chair and wine to get up there. I think that means he is hungry. I have been trying to teach him sign language so he will communicate with me more, but he has yet to do much of it. My Grandparents gave me a book about baby signing and I have been trying to read and apply that and I just ordered some signing time movies off eBay. So we will see if they work.

He is a great little guy. I have so much fun with him every day. Jack makes the smallest adventures fun. I wish it would cool down a bit so we could play outside more. But we have fun going to the splash parks, swimming in the pool, and staying inside with the air conditioning.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Is Life Ever Going To Slow Down?

Yes, we just returned from Northern Utah again, believe it or not. I don't think we have stopped all summer. But I shouldn't complain we have enjoyed all of the fun, well at least I have.

Before we left to go up north we spent some time with the Goodman family at the splash park. Kashlyn and Jack are only 3 days apart. They have so much fun playing with each other. Jack was so crazy at the splash park. He loves the water.

We also got to have dinner with the Johnson's too. Sadie is close to Jacks age also. We had fun having fondue at there house and going swimming. ( no pictures of that)

Well while we were up North we celebrated Boston's 2nd birthday. His mom had 2 different parties for him. The first party Jack had a blast soaking himself in the water. Of course Boston got tons of fun toys for his Birthday. Jack and Boston had fun playing with all of the new toys. Boston was great at sharing, which is really hard for a 2 year old. We had a family party on his actual Birthday, the Fourth of July, ( cool b-day huh). Jack slept through 90% of it but he woke up just in time to open presents, again Boston got spoiled.

Josh, Shawn, Jack and I got to spend the rest of the 4th of July at the Hogle Zoo. There were so many awesome animals. We were all amazed at the zebras, giraffes, and elephants. They are such weird but cool animals. Jack enjoyed seeing all of it. He was a great little guy. He loved the ride on the carousal and the train.

We had to do fireworks before it got dark because both of the boys were exhausted. Jack could hardly contain himself, he loved them. And so did Boston.

That night we went down to Lehi to see the fireworks. It was fun to see the fam. and enjoy the show.

The next day was just as busy. Carly's neighbors had a baby shower for Carly and Jocelyn. She got a lot for cute girly things.

That night we had a 50th surprise party for my Dad. It was up in Ogden at my Uncle's restaurant. It turned out great. I think he was really surprised. He is such an awesome Dad I'm glad we could do something fun for him.

I think for the rest of the summer we will be sticking around here. We have had such a fun summer but I think we all need a break. It sure is nice to be HOME.