Saturday, November 21, 2009

Giving Thanks

I have enjoyed this fall/Thanksgiving season more this year than I remember in the past! I love the weather, the smells, fall decorations, the colors, and remembering what I am blessed with in my life.

So here is a list of the things I am Thankful for, both big and small...

I am grateful for this big cheesy grin that I get to spend my days with. This little man keeps me going even when I am tired or worn out, or frustrated. I passed down the trait to Jack of being a pleaser, not always the best trait, but hey there could be worse. Jack makes sure if he sees that I am sad or mad that he says, "Mom's Happy" or "Mom you are my best friend ever" it seems to work most of the time, he gets out of a lot of trouble by saying it too. I am glad I get to hangout with my best buddy everyday.

I am grateful more than I can say for this man! He is the light of my life, he lifts me up and makes me feel like a super model. He is the most creative, fun, lovable, hard working, giving, easy going, talented Husband and Dad I know! Jack and I are so lucky to be loved by him.

I am grateful for my parents. Jack lights up every time he sees them. They have so many wonderful traits that I wish to have one day. I look up to them in many ways. They have and always will be my guiding hand. I am grateful for their selfless examples and willingness to give and help when ever needed. I have, and ALWAYS will be proud to call them my Parents.

I am grateful for my mother-in-law that takes the time out of her busy schedule to watch Jack on Tuesdays while I work. She has for years and it means a lot to me. Jack loves to play at her house with all of the old toys. I am also grateful that she and my Father-in-law raised such a great young man. Don't they say behind every great man is an even better Mother.

I am grateful to have a sister. There is just a bond given at birth between sisters. I love to call and chat with her about nothing. She can always relate or at least does a great job at making me believe she does. On top of that Jack wouldn't be dressed cute if it wasn't for Aunt Carly. She is very giving and thoughtful.

I am grateful for my little brother. He always makes me feel like my cooking is amazing and even asks for my recipes! That makes me feel so special :) coming from a family of amazing cooks, and me not being much of one, if someone asks me for one of my recipes or calls me for tips on cooking they are top on my list.

I am grateful for my friend Rakel. She makes me get out of bed three times a week to work my butt off, literally! She pushes me to complete things I would say were impossible. I love running with her, she is so fun to have "girl talk" with, every girl needs that. She gives great advice and is a great listener.

I am grateful for a healthy strong body. In this past year I have found this inner strength that I didn't know I had. I have pushed my body harder than I ever have. It has been hard work but it feels great. I find myself so often giving up on myself if it doesn't come naturally to me. Running or anything athletic is one of the many things that I am not naturally good at, but I feel grateful for the strength and will I have to be healthy!

I am grateful for DVR. We just recently got it and I love that I get to watch Studio Five, Rachal Ray, Ellen and Oprah. Shawn loves it too, there has been a few times that I have made Shawn watch some crazy Oprah or some craft I want to make from Studio Five. It is so fun!

I am grateful for St. George and the beautiful clean place that it is. I feel lucky to have it as my home.

I am grateful for the fun play groups I have to take Jack to. We look forward to them every week.

I am grateful for Shawn's amazing talent of wood working. I have a beautiful home to show for it. Just wait to see what he has in store for Christmas!!!

I am grateful for the all around belief of God, what a blessing it is to me. I wouldn't make it through one day without His light and the faith of his existence.

I guess this quote sums this super long gratitude post up.

"If you want to feel rich, count all the blessings money can't buy!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Photography Class

For the past 8 weeks I have been taking a photography class. It has been so informative and fun. For the final week we were asked to present a project. I chose to take pictures of my sister and her family. I picked them as my subject, I then quickly realized that I am not a good photographer and that families with small children are nearly impossible to get a good shot. Kudos to all of you that are photographers, it may look easy, but it isn't. I took over 300 pictures and maybe 10 are keepers, maybe!

So back to the class, I worked hard on getting these photos all put together and when I got to my class my usb drive wouldn't work! I was so bummed, so I thought I would put them on my blog and get your feed back. I am fully aware that they are beginner looking and I have a lot of practicing in both photography and editing!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Possibly the cutest BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ever!
Buzz got quite tuckered out from all of the trick-or-treating. It's hard work! Just a quick rest and he was back at it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NO shhhhshuuing

We have had a hard time getting Jack to go to sleep in the last week, so I started a bad routine were I lay on the floor and hold his hand through the crib, only for a bit because he won't fall asleep if I am in there. So I was just in there with him laying on the floor holding his hand and he was telling me that there are no stinkin' white cats or owies in our house (that's another story in and of it's self) so I said Jack Shhhh... and Jack pipped in,"there's no shhhshuing down there!" He had me rolling on the ground laughing!