Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Celebrations

 April has been one busy month. I have had to schedule in time to sit down and relax. I know I am suppose to take it easy, with carrying the twins, but really how is that possible.

 We had a fun week with the Taylor Families visit. We had fun doing activities around St. George for a few days. Playing Games at night was the highlight. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. 
Then we headed to Las Vegas for a small get away together. We came home sun burnt, which means it was a success.

We returned home just in time for Jack and I to hop in the car and drive to SLC to celebrate Aunt Carly's 30th Birthday. We had a fun day of shopping and manicures. With fun dinner celebrations that night.  

Family night Easter Egg Hunt at the park. Jack and his cute little buddies. 

Coloring Easter eggs for the second time. Dad got to join in the fun this time! Got to love all of Jack's silly faces.


Yes there was another egg hunt. This was with the neighbors. We are so lucky to live in a great neighborhood. Too bad every one is moving :(

 Don't ask what Jack is wearing, lets just say Shawn was in charge of bed time the night before. The final Easter egg hunt, Easter morning. All Jack wanted for Easter was an "under water mask" So that is what the Easter Bunny hid along with a few eggs and candy. 

Of course like every holiday that should be centered around our Savior it gets nearly skipped over. But I tried to keep reminding Jack why we celebrate Easter. I am so grateful for My Savior. I am blessed to know that there is life after death. I am grateful for the resurrection and the love of Our Savoir Jesus Christ.