Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proud Owners Of A 2 year old!

Yep believe it or not JACK is 2!!!! And boy did we celebrate! Passing down the tradition from my Mom, not only did we have a "day" of celebration, but a full week! Shawn had a to install cabinets in Las Vegas on Jack's Birthday, so instead of him missing the big day we packed our bags and went with him. Jack and I hung out at the pool, the arcade and took extra long naps, it was had a blast! Shawn got to choose what we did that night. We ate at Macyo's (Mexican restaurant) then we went to play games at Circus, Circus, completely against my will!

Trying out the new boat! (we left his gifts at home so we had to snag this boat so he had something to open, he thought it was great!)

Eating dinner

Jack was so shy when they sang to him. I love that little face!

But not shy when it came to blowing out the candle and eating the ice cream!

We then had to wait until Saturday for the BUG PARTY! Everyday he would ask me about it! The conversation would go like so....
(Me) Hey Jack what kind of a party are we having???
(Jack) 2
(Me) yeah you are 2 now but what kind of party are we going to have?
(Jack) Bug Party!!!!
(Me) Who is going to come?
(Jack) BOSTON!!!
(Me) yep and who else?
(Jack) Sadie, Gongo, Bompa!!!
(Me) And what are we going to do at the party?
(Jack) Ladybug, cake, blow!!!

Which was all true

Jack helping prepare!

Not only did Boston, Sadie, Gonga and Bompa show up, but all of his cute little buddies and supportive family!

And yes there were lady bugs, real ones and they all loved to catch them.

And what is a Birthday Party without cake and candles!


This past year has been the best year of my life, maybe that is why it has flown by way too fast! I have enjoyed every second I have spent with you Jack. Your energy makes me happy, and you make life so enjoyable. Like my Dad use to tell me, "When I grow up someday I want to be just like you." I hope I will someday have the energy and pure love of life, just like you Jack! Thanks for letting me be your MOM, Love Ya!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Where Do We Start

These faces pretty much sum up the way we feel about the past week, fun, exciting, and over whelming!
(There will be a lot of photos, please feel free to stop looking at any point)

We, meaning Jack and I, got to spend the past week, well 10 days, with some of our favorite people, Aunt Carly and Cousins Boston and Jocelyn! We had a blast! There was a different event every day, oh you are thinking events like going to the park, not when Carly is involved in the planning! To tell you the truth it all seems like a blur to me. Luckily I brought my camera and took A LOT of photos. Well here we go.... Day one involved wearing these great t-shirts and supporting our little Buddie, Boston on a walk for Autism. Despite the rain there was a great turn out and I think Boston felt pretty loved and special!

I don't have a photo of the next day, which would probably be the best photo in the bunch, but it was at church so... We simply looked like circus conductors with a bunch of clowns trying to get through sacrament meeting. I decided to exit after the 10th time I had to run to grab Jack from squashing the tiny baby in front of us, while Boston laid in the middle of the aisle, mooing like a cow and oinking like a pig, and Jocelyn shook a bag full of cheerios all over the floor. I thought I could handle Jack and Boston better in the hall! Boston was great, I don't think he said a word, Jack on the other hand had this great idea to crawl under the couch, then scream MOMMY STUCK MOMMY STUCK! Lucky for me there was a nice man that ran over to help me lift the couch and pull Jack out, phew!

Day three we went to the park in the morning and to the aquarium in the afternoon! Jack thought the SHARKS were great, for the rest of the week both Jack and Boston would come up to me and say (in exact sequence and expression every time) "OH NO, A SHARK" I would then give a fake scream as they would "POOF" it away then reply " PHEW" (while wiping their foreheads) Classic! Boston and Jack got these great souvenirs, frog back packs, they looked darling.

Day four, Boston spent the morning at preschool and Car, Jocelyn, Jack and I went to the mall to ride the Neigh Neighs and Mother's Day shop! The afternoon was spent at Wheeler Farm. Jack loved the freedom and had a ball running around!

Day five, I got to spend the morning at home with sweet little Jocy and Jacker! While Boston headed off to preschool! That afternoon we went to the Dinosaur Museum and Petting Zoo at Thanksgiving Point with Katie, my cousin, and her two kids. I loved the museum, it was so fun!

Day six, I again spent the morning at home with Jocy and Jack and geared up for the afternoon at the Zoo. Pour little Jocy didn't come to the zoo, she had a double ear infection, Ouch! But the boys loved the zoo! Boston and Jack were so great to watch, they both love animals. I have to explain the funny photos of Jack, I wanted to get a photo of Jack measuring up to the monkey. I was trying to get him to stretch out his arms, but he wasn't comprehending what I was saying, as you can see. I love Boston's face in the corner of the one photo, he wanted nothing to do with the picture taking he wanted to see more animals! Shawn drove up from St. George and met us at the zoo, check out the expression on Jack's face when he got to spend time with HIS DAD! We both really missed you Shawn and were excited to see you! That night we got to have a fun, yummy dinner at grandpa and Grandma Cash's house. It was great to see them and to catch up. We sure love and miss them!

Friday, day seven, was my fav! We went up to Discovery Gateway. What an awesome place! I wish we lived closer. Jack was in Heaven. There was so much to do he didn't know where to start! We really need more fun things for kids in St. George! That night my parents drove up from St. George and watched the kids while Carly and JT got to go out for their anniversary. Shawn and I got to Hang out with our friends Morgan and Lindsay and their cute family. So fun!

This is coming to an end I promise. Jack was not feeling to hot Saturday morning, okay that wasn't worded right he was actually feeling really hot, he had a really high fever but no other symptoms, weird huh. So we laid low for the morning, but the fun was not over yet! We had to celebrate my Grandpa's 75th Birthday, along with my Aunt Juli's 50th Birthday and Mother's Day with the Olsen's. So we had a big FIESTA. It is always great to get together with the Fam. We thought we would head home after the party but those darn Olsens know how to party and by the time we got out the door it was after 8 so we spent one last night at Carly and JT's and got to have breakfast with my wonderful MOM! Who I admire and love so much!

When we got home we discovered that Shawn has even more talents than we thought... He had been working on oil painting. Check out what he painted (and he made the frames too) for me for mothers day! Where did I find this guy, man he is a keeper! Oh and he ran a 1/2 marathon too! He has a good story to tell about, that will be the next post.

Well that's a WRAP!