Monday, February 23, 2009

More Like Me or You?

Shawn and I have had this on going joke that when Jack miss behaves or acts crazy we say "he must of got that trait from you!!!" Most the time I am right, it comes from the Lambert side :) Just joking!

I was watching Jack at the park this weekend and not only did he get his bad traits from Shawn he also got some other things....

I thought that Jack hated swings, because I hate swings, we learned quickly that Jack loves them, just like his Dad!
He also loved spinning, which I hate, hate, hate. Shawn made me roll down a hill last fall, for a bet and I was sick for three days. Definitely not a trait from me!
Now don't tell me that's not a Shawn face! Just joking.
I'm pretty sure he got his great smile from his dad!
Under bite, Lambert trait!
Craziness, hand that one to Shawn.
That cute stance might have come from me, we will give that one to me!
Shawn is pretty proud of this one, left handed!
The ability to lick his plate clean, Shawn trait.The need to always kiss me. What can I say I must be irresistible.

Rarely do I go anywhere that people don't say "boy that kid looks like his Dad!" Okay fine Jack's cute and awesome because he is like his Dad who is cute and awesome! Now lets cross our fingers, hopefully Jack doesn't get the "wetting the bed problem." hahaha! Oh Shawn and you said I wasn't funny!

Friday, February 20, 2009

In Need Of A New Hairdo???

Okay so I will admit I am cheep!( like you didn't know that) But getting my hair done cost so much. I found a great hairdresser that is cheep, but it is still expensive needless to say. Plus she is pregnant/had baby??? So I can't reach her so.... Help me!!! My hair is really really bad right now. So keep in mind price..... I have been growing my hair out, but I think I have better short hair, it's pretty thin. And the color. I feel like I could dye my own hair if it was dark, but not too dark, like it was a few years ago, that was bad and I am still mad that no one said anything to me. What was I thinking. But just like a medium brown. Or should I stay blond, keep in mind cost? I looked and found a few do's I like what is your opinion?
Oh and one last thing, can someone tell me how to look like Kellie Pickler, she is so gorgeous!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

These Made Me Laugh!

I was clearing out my photos from my camera and these pictures made me smile/laugh. So random I know, but here they are.....
Jack getting ready to go to Grandma's. He loves to wear his "pack pack" I love when he wears it too!

For Shawn's birthday we went to Texas Road house. Luckily I dropped a hint to the waitress and Shawn got to ride on this awesome saddle. Doesn't he look like he is having fun? Also Shawn blowing out his candles. Sweet face huh!

And my favs.... Jack took it upon himself to add some spunk to our blah white walls. So yes I made him scrub them, but it back fired on me, he thought it was fun to scrub walls. Oh well I tried!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reminiscing About I Love You Day

I loved Valentines Day this year because simply I felt loved. Thanks to everyone that loves me, I love you too.

Some photos of Jack putting a lot of hard work and love into his Valentines!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chick Magnet!

Being close to Valentine's Day, Jack thought he would give a shout out to all the gals in his life. What can he say he's a chick magnet.Abby
And still his favorite girl, MOM

Happy Birthday Shawn


Wow the big 27...That sounds old huh! Way to close to 30.
This picture shows Shawn's love for life! He is always happy and out going. He truly loves life and those around him. I love everyday I get to spend with him. He is my best friend and life long companion. I love to watch Shawn with Jack he is a wonderful Dad. Thanks Shawn for being the joy of my life. I hope you have a great day, you deserve it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JACK 101

In complete random order....

1. Jack simply asks us about something such as "MEMO" (Nemo) and continues to repeat it until we comment back with such thing as "Nemo?" then quickly turns it around as if we asked him by saying "K" Which means great idea Mom and Dad I would love to watch Nemo! Jack the manipulator.

2. Jack has also suddenly become very interested in training scout. He tells him "down" all the time, which I appreciate, because he needs to be told. Jack also likes to get out the treats for Scout to do tricks but, Jack forgets that I'm telling Scout to do the tricks, not him, so Jack sits and lays for me, but then he expects me to give him the treat also.

3. Jacks new fav. is coloring. That is the first thing that he says when he wakes up and the last thing he mentions before he goes to bed. He loves to tell me the colors of different things, and he is getting pretty good at it. But if I ask him what color something is the first reply without at doubt is "Yellow" then he will think about it for a second then answer correctly.

4. We have this movie that teaches the colors. It is super annoying and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but, Jack enjoys it. There is one point that they sing the color Yellow for like a minute, like I said annoying but Jack loves to sing along with it, with such an intent face. Super funny to see, not very funny to write about.

5. This story has got a lot of mileage, but for memory reasons here we go... On Christmas eve Jack kept coming to me saying Hawn, Hawn. I had no idea what he was saying. He would run around the house like he was looking for something, still saying Hawn, Hawn.... This went on and on throughout the day and the next, until I was putting him to bed on Christmas night and I needed Shawn to get something for me so I yelled " Shawn" and Jack quickly piped in Hawn Hawn. Wow I guess I better watch what I say... he is listening.

6. This is my favorite Jack thing right now. He loves to sing BEAM, in Jesus wants me for a sunBEAM. He says Beam so darling, and in rhythm. He also like to finish the ABC song with a very enthusiastic ME!

7. He now get what we are doing when we take a picture, so he now says "CHEEEEESE" and pulls some great poses.

8. He thinks he is way smart and loves to write letters on all of his papers, they don't look like letters but he will tell you that they are.

9. He love me to help him write words, such as DAD, MOM, MACK, MATER, and DOC, yes he is still obsessed with CARS.

10. He has this little stool that he takes around the house so he can see what I am doing, he places it next to the counter and climbs up and peeks over the counter. The only bad thing is he also does it when I am not around. He has had a great time getting things that I think are out of reach!

11.The most annoying one by far is "on, on, on" to anything that can turn on, like a TV, an Ipod, and even our digital frame has to be on. You can only imagine or electricity bill!!! I am hoping this one won't last too much longer.