Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Holidays

Some how in our busy life The Blog has been put on the back burner. Which makes me sad, and Shawn has to rub it in all the time by asking about it. So I decided to sit down and catch up as one of my new years resolutions.... So lets start with Thanksgiving. One of the best Holidays that so often gets over looked. This year was petty simple. Which we all loved. We spent it with my side of the family. At Great Grandma and Grandpa Cash's house. My parents were there along with one of my Dads brothers and family that came down to be with us. The food was great but the highlight was jumping in the pile of leaves and climbing the big tree.

Play Group Christmas Party was a blast. They learned Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and made reindeer cup cakes. They even did a gift exchange. Of course that was a hit. 

Jack's cousin's were in town and Grandma Cash asked for one decent picture of the kids. Doesn't sound impossible, but it was.

Jack counted down the days until Santa would come, by watching Disney Prep in Landing at least 2 times a day.  Fitting that we found an elf that looked just like Jack. When he grows up he wants to be on the Prep and Landing team. We still hear "This is so... tinsel" around the house a bit.  (only funny if you have seen the movie)

Jack waiting so... patiently for Dad to bring home his gift.
So excited....

When he opened the box he said, "This is the best Christmas Present Ever"
Meet UNO

 One of Jack's Christmas presents showed up a few days early. These pictures are so blurry, I feel so bad.

Christmas morning is so exciting having Jack around. Just seeing his eyes light up is the best present ever.

Now that all of the shopping and "stuff" is over and I get to just reflect on it all, I am so grateful for the season and the spirit that warms my heart. I am so blessed with a great husband, darling son, wonderful parents, thoughtful  grandparents, fun family, awesome friends and neighbors. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Christ for coming to this earth, for teaching us the way to live and the way to return.
God please give us another BLESSED year!