Saturday, August 10, 2013

A few Other Summer Happenings

 We got to go on a fun Date with our Maddy Girl to see Starlight Express. It was very  fun and entertaining. Now Jack and Maddy want to be professional roller skaters.  Let just say Jack has a lot of practicing ahead of him!
 We threw together a last minute 24th of July party with the Hardy's and Betts. Which involved swimming, food and fireworks.
 Shawn had a successful Aspen Mill Yard Sale, to get rid of weird odds and ends. While Jack racked in the money at his Lemonade stand. He made $35.00 dollars, which was spent before the day was over.  
 Our summer has consisted of a lot of LEGOS!!!! Organizing , building and playing!
 We hated that this cute little buddy and neighbor moved to Vegas this summer. :(
...and last, but it was really at the first of the summer, I had my 10 year class reunion. Really where has the time gone?

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